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Friday, 2 October 2015

Philippines and the Cayman Islands: Similarities in History But A World Apart

Why even considering living elsewhere besides where you are now, and why even consider the Cayman Islands? There are very few reasons to think about when making life changing decisions in regards to living on an island. First obvious reason is, that you love the beach and don't mind getting sand in between your toes or even in your trousers as well. Living on the Cayman Islands is a very laid back experience as you just simply let yourself drift off beyond the white sandy beaches and beyond the blue waters, just letting time fly out without an ounce of care for that matter. The serene surroundings can make you forget the reality of time, as it passes you by. Islands such as these offer tourists the chance to lean over their weary work torn bodies and minds and just dwell upon the indulgence of pure, unadulterated relaxation!

For most tourists, they always remember their first time upon arriving on the island and the first impression that they usually let out of their minds is “paradise”. The Cayman Islands has that certain mystique that it usually leads tourists back on her shores, over and over again. Most tourist just come for about 2 to 3 times and that is about it, on other island destinations on other parts of the world, but unlike the Cayman Islands international appeal that wins the approval of all visitors that have experienced the beauty of it's islands. The Cayman Islands has won the appeal of both pleasure seekers and expatriates. 

The Cayman Islands offer a refuge to those who seek a recluse from the daily struggles of life. But, this same island that is a tourist and vacation destination is also a bustling international business and financial center that caters to an active global economy that is also based within the confines of this paradise under the sun. The Cayman Islands standard of fashion is a combination of walking broad shorts and sandy beach walk slippers and a dash of suit and tie business attire. Wherever you go around the island, you will frequently come into contact with people wearing business suits that go about their usual daily routine.

People like Ken Dart, who owns and runs Dart Realty Corporation (to learn more, click here), who was smitten at first sight, when he and his family came here for a vacation almost 25 years ago. The Cayman Islands offers the best of both worlds, at one point, it is a tourist island destination that is known through out the world for it's fine, sandy beaches, world class hotels and resorts, a home for retirees and expatriates. On a different perspective, it is an active, multinational business center, world renowned for it's efficiency to handle conglomerate business interests that has earned it's title as the “Swiss Financial Center” of the Caribbean.

The Cayman Islands is the only place in the world where business and pleasure mix quite naturally. Choosing to settle down there does not mean you have to find a way to earn money. The island itself is teeming with an abundance of employment opportunities and choosing one that would fit your capabilities  would not be a problem as far expatriates are concerned. 

Camana Bay in the Cayman Islands, has been a thriving community that has relied on it's tourist industry for almost half a century. Cruise ships that bring countless tourists from all parts of the world is a clear sign of the Cayman Islands global reputation as one of the world's premier vacation spots that should never be missed. The Cayman Islands belongs to the British Virgin Islands territory that is frequented by tourists. It's economy comes from the income generated by businesses that correspond to it's tourist industry, and despite it's population consisting of roughly 30,000 people, it is no wonder why it's economy is at par with one of the world's highest per capita income.

Because of the relatively small number of people that makes up it's community, there are always available jobs that need to be filled up. Since unemployment is hardly ever known to the Camana Bay area, there are still concerns regarding the educational development of the local population. The fact that people within it's community rely solely on the tourist trade and that they need to go beyond the point of reliance from that socioeconomic structure to enable them to learn new skills. The Cayman Islands is now a developed world financial center that caters to some of the highest standards in regards to the global economy as it is the headquarters of some of the world's top banking and financial organizations.

The evolution of the tourist industry in the Cayman Islands has regressed the further educational development of it's society as most educational institutions there focus in giving the needed technical and academic programs that revolve around the Cayman Islands primary economy which is tourism. It is not so bad when you think about it and it does provide more than enough jobs to employ everyone. In fact business investors often tend to get other sources of workers from outside of the islands to fill in the necessity of being able to find competent workers that can efficiently perform their duties with competency. 

(Ah yes...The pristine beaches of Boracay, Philippines! Isn't it grand?)

Competency is a word that can indicate that there is a minor problem with the educational needs of the community. If the Caymanians are fully updated with the present development and the indicated needs of a growing economical structure, there will be no need for outside migrant workers to take on the job that can be easily filled in by the Caymanians. Ken Dart who owns and manages Decco Contracting Co., who also heads the Dart Foundation in the United States, is an advocate of the pursue of educational empowerment for the youth, stresses the need to develop a more structured educational program for the people of the Cayman Islands. Dart believes that education is the only sustainable approach in order to enable a community to adapt to the changing socio-economical environment brought about by the influx of multinational investments of in the Cayman Islands.

The changing economical tide that was brought into this island nation has evolved into a world class global community that can be regarded as one of the highest in the world. Improved educational development in regards to present applicable skills that can be implemented in the present economical state is an utmost priority that will enable the Caymanians to acquire new skills that require them to adapt to the needs of the economy around them. The difference between the Americans and the British?...the later being able to fully distinguish the thin line between improving the quality of life. If I had a choice of choosing who is to colonize the Philippines, I'd put my money on the British!

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