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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Why The Filipino Is Not Worth Dying For

When we think of Filipinos and the Philippines as a whole, the rest of the world think of cheap, affordable workers that have a lot of great potential, easily motivated by the opportunity to earn money, and can easily be replaced by another Filipino who is willing to step into the job. Yes, Filipinos admittedly do make good slaves for the world market, if not the best quality slave worker that any foreign employer can come across by. A Filipino’s core value is strongly anchored on the notion of earning money, which in return gives them this alleviated notion of self-esteem, self-worth and value in society.

Well, most two-digit I.Q. Filipinos strongly believe in this, making them apparent victims of online employment outsourcing which they are paid below standard rates compared to other countries. But the story of outsourced Filipinos goes far back in the early 1980’s in which multitudes of skilled Filipino workers started to find jobs in other countries such as Europe, Japan, the Middle East as skilled labourers. The ever growing increase of Filipino migrant workers have grown since then and it still keeps on growing year after year,  which is a clear sign that the Philippine government can not provide adequate and decent jobs for it’s citizens.

Even the promise of a decent college education to provide a secure future doesn’t seem to be as realistic as it promises to be. The Price of a college education in the Philippines is so high that there are fewer and fewer people that can actually afford to finish their educational pursuit, in which a majority of students are forced to drop out because of lack of money to continue their education. And for what, a 6 month contractual job at some shitty fast food chain?

A teaching diploma that entitles you to become a domestic house-hold servant in Hong-Kong or in the Middle East? As said before, Filipinos do make the finest slaves in the world, being easy to pacify with just simple words of praise and motivation by money. As far as the Filipino government is concerned, one of the most bankable aspects of Philippine economy is the industry of Filipino foreign labour, which in today's rate constitutes to around 25% of the country’s GNP.

It’s no secret that the Philippines is a country that has fallen off it’s prime as a major manufacturing country in the south east Asian region since the early 1980’s as most manufacturing of goods are now all located in mainland China. Nowadays, the Philippines is just a conduit of the South East Asian economy as most goods and services just pass by through it, which does not do anything to make the economy grow, but instead it only exploits the cheap labour condition in the country. Most of the Philippines's economic growth are all coming from imports and are mostly owned by foreign conglomerates that decides on the fate of the country’s economy.

The Philippine government is a dick-less, castrated slave that follows the dictated terms of the world market and the World Bank for that matter, and it doesn’t help that the government keeps on forcing these false illusions that the country is on the rise economically, when in truth it is already underneath the festering mulch in the bottom of the garbage bin. In the early 1950’s one American dollar was worth around 2 Philippine pesos, but now it is worth less than a pack of toilet paper that you can buy at Walmart’s to wipe your ass.

This country is already in hell and most inbred born Filipinos don’t even realize it since their too preoccupied with their stupid noon time game shows, their lame basketball sports program and their delusional perspective that there is still hope to life in this trash heap of a country. Most Filipino parents tell their children to study hard so that they will easily be able to find a stable job that they can rely on with the rest of their life, but that perception is far from the real truth of what is really happening to this country.

Nowadays, the easiest way to secure a good future is either to seek employment in other countries in which their foreign exchange rate is far greater than the Philippine currency, or dress up pretty well, pose a selfie in Facebook and wait for a foreigner to take notice and become interested in them, either way, they all end up pimping and bitching themselves. So now when when say “Filipino”, we see a race of people that is as apathetic as everyone else, only wearing a mask of interest and concern where it matters, when it matters.

It is quite a pity that the Filipinos have not evolved past their primal stage of evolution as they could have become as successful as Japan is now, if not surpass it far beyond what it has developed today. There was a time in this country’s past that a lot of South East Asian countries would send their students here to learn what was then the most advanced college for agricultural research in the whole south east Asian region. Today, the Philippines imports rice from the same south east Asian countries that it once taught to propagate it,  leaving us a thought that plays in our heads like a bad convulsive fever driven dream in our heads, what the fuck happened to the Philippine government?

For an agricultural country that was hailed as one of the most recognized food producing country in the Asian region, this country imports onions, rice, garlic and just about any agricultural product that it has difficulty in sustaining for it’s domestic consumption. So, to all our foreign friends, if you have second thoughts on coming to the Philippines to experience life and all it’s pleasures, please remember that everything you heard is just a bloated public relation scam designed to lure in foreign investments to help it’s floundering shitty economy. Trust me when I say that you are far better off where you are now.