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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Alone: The Social Tragedy of Loneliness

Some people may find solitude a comforting state to spend their entire life, avoiding the unnecessary inconveniences that mingling with other individuals in a daily basis can be considered a nuisance. There are people who prefer to be alone and don't want to be involved in social practices that can be considered irrelevant in life, mostly living an introverted point of view that satisfies their self esteem, but all the more so, improves their capacity to think more clearly that leads to better decision making. Introverts are people who mainly live a solitary world of identifying themselves with the blissful existence of living inside their own state of mind, detached from the chaotic chasms of life's somewhat and often times, absurd profanities.

Introverts are mostly individuals that have come into terms with the reality of life and the truthfulness of social awareness and implicated adherence to social order. Going about one's daily tasks without the cumbersome intangible idiocy of some people that can be considered a liability in ones pursuit of a peaceful and stress free daily existence is more than what people with this kind of mental aptitude prefer. Mostly creative logical thinkers, introverts seldom “come out and play” despite being sociably coherent amongst their circle of acquaintances, work wise. They are the kind of individuals who find pleasure in being alone and prefer to be that way, spending most of their time dwelling on work.

Though stereotypically being designated as “geeks”, not all aspect of introversion can be addressed as such, most of the time. Regardless of such social branding, introverts are one of the most socially active people in the world, involving themselves in social media. Not to be given the wrong aspect of social description, introverts are more comfortable in dealing with society at a distance, not getting themselves attached to any aspect of ideologies or advocacies besides their own. Loneliness is a comfort zone to some but for others, it is a torment that can lead to mental anguish in the sense of borderline insanity.

The human specie is a social organism that tends to exist with the need for longing and attention. |It is a fact that has existed since our conception in this world. The need to be with someone seems to be the most insatiable instinctive drive on our psychological aspects as human beings that we give it more importance than all other social values. The natural comforting need to mingle among others is a natural instinct directly attributed to social propagation. The human need to eventually interact and divulge in society can not be disregarded as it is built in our genes. Despite all other social deviations founded on norms and morality, ideologies and social conditionings, we, as humans need other humans to satisfy our needs and urges, amongst ourselves.

The human touch is a very fascinating principle that involves the basic need to reach out and make physical contact to an individual. Regardless of any gender, age or diversified social inclinations, we long to be touched, in more ways than one. A good example would that be between a man and a woman, that involve the basic principle of touch. Despite any social implications of norms and practices, touching indicates longing or wanting as it is a motivational body language that yearns desire. A woman who gently puts her hand behind a man's back and gives it a gentle stroke is a clear sign of desire, despite age and social standings. It is viewed more as a sign of sexual want and is a natural instinct for both sexes.

Another aspect of social perspective in the light of this is the fear of solitude. Most people struggle for most of their lives try to fit into society and the need to gain respect from others. Delving into social acceptance for most of their lives, these individuals are the extroverts. Living a mostly hedonistic way of life that involve in the pursue of worldly pleasures. A good example of this would be that of former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman, who adheres to this kind of lifestyle. Oftentimes associated with opulence, hedonists are the real party animals.

The stark comparison can be considerably incremental to put conclusion between introverts and extroverts, as to put a generalization between the two. Leaving us to think for ourselves on who truly is the most lonely one considering all of these rational evaluations. Loneliness is one of the most frustrating sates of human mentality one could deal with. It is often times a factor that leads to depression that can imbalance the brain, leading to mental deterioration. The need to want and the want to need go together hand in hand in completing the human psyche as loneliness is a psychological disorder.

This reminds me of that old song from the group “America”, entitled, “Lonely People”, which goes with the line...”look at all the lonely people...thinking that life has passed them by”. A more apt word would that be of contentedness in your human existence. Asking for something that society would not give you for your own satisfaction is indeed a lonely thought even though you have come to a resolute acceptance that you are deemed to stay alone for the remaining of your entire life. It is a sad thought to ponder upon, indeed, Though happiness should never be this complicated from the start. It was us that has put the complications in life.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Rise and Fall of the American Economy: Enter the Dragon

Today, the American economy is facing again the fear of economic recession as it's efforts to regain an economic vigor from the 2008 economic crisis continues to miserably fail, despite all out efforts to strengthen its ailing productivity as a country. The mounting unemployment and health care problems of the country seem to have no clear path to solution as its government continues to forge hope upon its citizens minds that help is on the way. The reason for this is the steady decline of production in all of its domestic and international products that they all relied on China to produce.

80% of all American consumer products (except for food and pharmaceuticals), are now made in China and has led to the rise of China, as the leading manufacturing entity for the whole world. This resulted in China, having gained the technological knowledge of producing goods at a very low cost, which has boosted its economy ten folds. The rising cost of production in the United States and other European countries has put China, as the top manufacturing center of the world economy. Domestic unemployment has doubled despite assurance from the U.S. Government, that it will improve its socioeconomic standings, but to no avail.

Obviously, the governments (U.S.) effort in assuring its people of financial stability is less felt as the growing number as dissatisfied citizens continue to complain about the continuing deteriorating socioeconomic state. China on the other hand, is steadily growing as a military and financial monster that would someday inevitably gobble up the entire world. This could be traced way back in the late 1980's, as China started to manufacture goods for other countries who can not maintain the rising production costs that has given China the advantage in regards to cheap quality mass production and high output volume at a very low price cost.

The Chinese work ethics could also be an integral reason for China's economic growth as production is more important than numeral profits, so as long as production continues at a steady phase. Very different from other cultural outlooks regarding production and profit scenarios that has led to the downfall of most world economies. The accumulation of Chinese technology can be cited from the failure of other nations to maintain a steady profit in its production, urging companies to move from their local production into China, thus giving the needed technological aspects of mass production to the able hands of the Chinese people. As the years went by, China developed upon these foreign technologies until they had perfected their own system to which they employ today.

As the rest of the world now, relies on China to produce almost all of its domestic goods from textiles to electronics, we can expect that China will eventually rule the world...economically, and who ever rules the world economically will eventually...rule the world! Despite all of the modern armaments ant technological advancement in military might, the United States can not deal with the fact, that China can debilitate the American economy with just one snap, unless the Americans want to say goodbye to their iPhones? China has a strangle hold on the world economy which is very evident on our status quo as a world economy, and will continue to be so for a very long, long, long, long, long....time. Since the American government has failed its people quite miserably in all aspects of economic upheavals, despite false promises of hope.

The American economy is slowly dying and it is an irreversible deteriorating state. It can also be seen clearly as an exodus of conglomerates slowly pull out of the American economy and establish their headquarters in China as seen with companies like Facebook, who are now partially operating in China. Promises are sweet but the truth is a bitter fact as numbers don't lie. Its only a matter of time and I can surely say that the time is nearing as America is slowly spinning down and only just a matter of time until it stops.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Golan's Media of Cebu: The Continuing Saga of the Whoring of the Filipino Writer

As I wrote before regarding the continuing plight of the famished and underpaid Filipino writer, that is also being victimized by his own country men in obligatory writing for other foreign principles, I can not help but utter out these refined sentiments that I'm sure everybody will agree on, "the Filipino will rat you out just for the sake of earning from your own misery" (kaya ibenta ng Pilipino ang kapwa nya para lang kumita). This is quite true all over the world were most Filipinos work here and abroad.

The term objectively implied here is "social cannibalism" in where people disregard any social adherence such as sympathy or apathy just to be first in line when their foreign masters call them for a doggy snack! This proves a resounding confirmation that we as a Filipino society are slaves to the social turmoil that has led the once reputable  and honorable occupation of writing look like and over aged prostitute still plying the sex trade route just to feed the hungry soul and at least a little compensatory respect that a writer deserves.

Such manner of taking advantage of the misery festooned upon the writer's need to earn is a company in Cebu City, Philippines Called Golan's Media. On the first week of my stint as an article writer, I was paid a measly $29.00 for a total for a whole weeks work! When the second week of my work has ended, I noticed that there was no notification about funds to be forwarded to my account. This is one of the signs that something is not right.

As expected, a certain Mark from Golan's Media of Cebu, was starting to complain about the quality of the work that I had previously submitted, that it had a lot of errors, that I needed to revise and edit it all..."Screw you Mark!"
This are just some of the simple lame reasons why on line writing sucks and it is because of Filipinos that take advantage over other deprived writers who would like to earn just to make ends meet.

Social slavery can do this to all of us depending on who is on top of the slave pyramid. They will give every reason to steal your efforts or even get them for free from you without a thank you in return. These are just some of the evil truths of Internet writing jobs that the Filipino writer has to face on a daily basis. Do you think that foreign employers care about this? Absolutely not!

It's a dog eat dog world out there, which just goes to prove how vicious the world can be for people who were raised on the principles of honor and trustworthiness. Money is not the issue here, it is trust and the trust on your own countrymen. An honest advice to all writers who had the unfortunate experience such as these, publish the works that you have been deprived of as your own because you were the one who labored for it!

Don't let other people earn from your endeavors only to make them earn from yours!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Death by G.M.O.

The stupidity of human intellect never seems to amaze me enough that it now has reached in new heights of absurdity as it celebrates its impertinent manipulation of the natural course of nature. GMO or genetically modified organisms had been created by scientists to fight nature itself in an attempt to over ride the natural selection of nature on who will live and who will die. GMO's boast the impervious aspect of being modified in every way possible to survive the harshest aspect of natures fury which includes super crops that can survive with as little water and natural substantial organic nutrition as possible and at the same time would not be eaten by natural parasites that usually pester food crops.

Sounds good right? So, why am I so pissed off regarding the global acceptance of GMO's? Because it is stupid and it is wrong! Conglomerates and research scientists work hand in hand to find a solution to world hunger and had gone to venturing in the research production of “super crops”, which is a noble cause of idealism at first glance, but in the truth, it is a sign of the coming days on which the earth is starting to turn against us for all the stupid ideologies that we had done to keep our species alive.

GMO is a growing threat in all aspects of human existence as research scientists backed by multi-national conglomerates in cooperation with governments around the world, prepare for the worst, the dwindling food supply that was triggered by climate change due to our arduous attempt to improve the life around us mainly propagated by our egotistical ideologies. Nature is the perfect balance of things around us and manipulating things concerning nature seems to be the only step in an attempt to ensure our survival as a specie.

What is wrong with GMO's you might ask? GMO's are modified to withstand the harshest aspects that may render conventional species of plant life vulnerable to natural changes in the environment, particularly climate change, parasitic insects that prey on these crops that we so desperately need to survive as a food source. GMO's were specifically energetically modified to withstand the natural course of nature so that it will be more viable for food production as the world steadily moves to the aspect of a dwindling supply of food sources caused by the rising global population.

Parasitic insects will not devour GMO modified crops because a gene on the modified crop was either manipulated or completely removed as to not be detected by the insects, that is why insects don't eat GMO's. So, what's the problem then? Research scientists and corporations don't really care about humanity but their own interests only as multi national conglomerates try to capture the food production industry to enslave humanity in its own need for food. The truth is that only insects and certain species of animals in this world know what is edible enough to eat, that goes to prove that insects that do not devour GMO modified crops know if it is fit enough to eat.

Incidentally, frogs are an important part of ecology as well as they can distinguish where heavily polluted air is and they will avoid propagating in that particular area. Frogs breath through their skin and it is best to monitor the frog population in the world as they are and indication in the rising toxicity in the air we breath. Our egoistic pursuit to escape our evident fear of dearth has even made thing much worst for us as a specie due to the fact that we have limitations in all aspects of what we can do. Our ego as a society won't save us for much possible worst things to come if we keep on fighting the divine purpose of what nature intended us to be. Incidentally G.M.O. Also stands for your Genitals will Melt Overnight!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Man Made Technology and it's Origin from Nature

Our World today is changing fast beyond our our wildest dreams. We have reached new heights on the level of Science and Technology with an astonishing pace. We owe it all to our selves for attaining such marvelous achievements in regards to improving the Society that we had founded since the time that we learn to make use of fire.

For the past 100 years, we had seen how drastically we had sought to improve every aspect of human life around us. We have created magnificent edifices that culminate our glorious exuberance. We went faster than the speed of sound, have escaped the clutches of gravity and have ultimately reached the fringe stellar boundaries of the Moon itself! It seems that the possibilities are endless.

We always had, as a specie, an amazing way to overcome all sorts of adversities that stand in the way of our progress beyond our limitation and capacity to which through able thinking, could always devise ways and means in dealing such obstacles. The Human mind is such a fascinating mystery as it can conjure solutions as instinctively as to adapt to its environment and when put in a position to make decisions in regards to survival and self preservation, the Human mind is the only reason that we have gotten this far in regards to our evolution as a specie.

We, among all of the other species that thrive on this Earth, are the only ones that are endowed with the ability to think beyond our primal instinct and from this ability we had created technology that is way too far to be conceived and achieved by other similar groups of species. We are categorized as belonging to the family of “The Great Apes”. Included in this family are the Gorilla, the Orangutans, the Chimpanzee and us, the Human beings.

Within this group, we share 90 percent of all anatomical and behavioral characteristics that just goes to prove that we are indeed related to each other, although for centuries now, scientists are still trying to find a common denominator to link our distant relatives with a genetically evolutionary explanation which up to this day has no definite acceptable answer. We might have evolved differently from our Ape relatives in terms of anatomy but we differ with our way of thinking and intellect.

Man had ascended on top of the hierarchy of being the most predominant creature on this Earth, not because of a superb physiological ability to adapt to its environment but because of his ability to create a system in which he can maintain a indefinite place in the cycle of life through the technology that he created for himself and for no other reason beyond that. Despite of this Man still remains as fragile as the day he started to learn to walk upright on his own two feet.

True to the sense that we, as a species, have developed means of defying the numerous laws of nature and its many facets. Still, we have many things that even our technology can not resolve including the adept intuition of occurrences that most animals have a keen sense of knowing it. It may be irrelevant at this point to concede to complacency and rely solely to the knowledge that we posses that had preserved our way of life on this planet.

Most animals on the other hand have a strong sense of intuition that has helped them survive most of the time through natural genetic instincts. A good example for this are the aviary species of Birds that migrate across vast distances due to the changing of the seasons in order to escape the clutches of a frigid death bought on by the onset of Winter. What is really amazing is the manner in how they migrate to more temperate climates in order to maintain the survivability of their species, specifically considering on how the manage to navigate long distances and not getting lost without using any form of visual markings but instead only using the magnetic field of the Earth!

There are also other species of animals that can detect natural impending dangers such as storms or earthquakes even before they occur. Others, such as Bears, can sleep through a long winter through hibernation which helps them survive the icy cold winter and emerge thereafter. Thinking of this, one can not help but wonder if we as Human beings are truly the most predominant in all of creation? Man made technology is not in any way “unnatural” with the way of Nature! Impossible you say? I beg to differ.

Everything in the realm of Nature is natural by origin including the technology that we brought on to this world, why you ask? Simply put that Man has evolved from Nature itself and obviously all things that have come from nature are natural in origin, including the technology that we made for our selves. It was natural for us to evolve out from our primal beginnings and was only natural to develop technology for our own survival, hence, Man made technology is a natural occurrence in Nature.

“If this concept of Natural Technological Evolution is true, then why is the whole World going out of control because of us?'

Good point! There was a point in our evolution and conception of how we should define the use of the technology that we created to help ourselves live our lives to the best of what we can do for the most of what we can do for each others benefit, however, in the midst of our haste in developing beneficial technology for general use, we accidentally stumbled upon the dark side of the technology that we created.

Atomic energy and Synthetic chemical compounds are just a few things that were accidentally discovered that in the first early concept of its infancy were thought to bring about a drastic change to our lives for the better. Unfortunately, we misused these as weapons that eventually became an eminent threat for our survival as a species. Sad to think that the same technology that we created could possibly be the last and ultimate reason for our demise!

Though it is a frightening thought, there is still hope and it comes from those individuals who advocate a more peaceful and natural means to ensure our survival on this planet by means of quantifying deductible and logical reasons slowly changing to a more viable means of natural living. Advocates of Natural Healthy Living recommend that we should slow down in technological development because we already have much more than enough to support our society and any more added, sometimes non-essential technology could be the prime devastating factor that may destroy the social structure of our society.

It could be rightfully called “The Green Revolution”. Since its conception in the early 1960's people had been advocating this for too many a good reason because it will decide on our species survival for the next thousand years. This advocacy is about returning to the threshold of Nature and renew our point of view on how we would deal with all the technological mistakes that as of now are slowly emerging as a global problem.

We must have a clear mind in implementing this and a choice to abandon all unnecessary social conveniences which we had come to rely on. A first step is in the way we eat, which for some obvious reasons contribute as a general health problem in our society today. Our unmindful diet intake decides our health status and forgoing health condition and ample care should be put in mind while considering this.