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Sunday, 4 October 2015

The 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections: A Carnival Of Fools

Oh for Pete's sake! Here we go again! The year hasn't even ended yet and politicians all around the Philippines are starting to sharpen up their claws along with trekking to the orthodontist to have their fangs cleaned and put a glossy shimmer to their reptilian scales so that they can flash their dubious smiles to give them a certain angelic impression for their constituents to worship about. Yes, it's the 2016 Philippine presidential elections once again, and it's time again to put on those nasty grins on the candidate's part so that voters can choose who amongst these thieving politicians they think can give them and their children a better run for the tax money that the people of this country are forced to pay the government in the hope of improving their miserable lives.

Politics here in the Philippines is way too dirty as the word itself does not even come close to describing what is really happening in the political arena. Oligarchs, kinsmen affinity and evil alliances are made in between numerous political and religious sectors for one single purpose, and that is to undermine and capture Philippine society into submitting itself subliminally to Democracy's infernal damnation. As a nation, the Philippines has a long history of slavery. First from the Spaniards who's first sole purpose was to colonize the country...well...given the fact that it was not easy on our part as a primitive country to understand why these Spanish people really wanted as to why they colonized us. At least they gave us a notion that there is such a thing as salvation with regard to imparting the doctrines of religion (which was the primary reason for our downfall as a people and race since Christianity was the sole key on how Spain captured the Filipino people through fear of religion and all of that superstitious beliefs).

I was really wondering why the educational curriculum here in the Philippines never teaches the “true” story of why and how the so-called “Philippine Independence” was gained by the Filipinos. Well kiddies...there is no such thing as a genuine Philippine independence! We were traded to Spain just right after the victory of the Americans over the Spanish when the later lost its strength in the late 1890's. Naturally, all the Spanish colonies from the Bahamas including us here in the Philippines was handled over on a silver platter. Later, the Americans promised the Philippine government independence...hehehe. But in reality, it was all just a illusion of freedom to anesthetize the Filipino people In believing that we are actually free.

As Benjamin Franklin once quoted, “The worst form of slavery is the one that makes you think that you are actually free”. As true to the statesman's word, the United States of America kept an eagle's claw grip on the country soon after the Spanish regime gave it away for the price of $20,000,000. Ever since then, The Independent Philippine republic had good old Uncle Sam behind them in making critical decisions on all aspects of governance, particularly on who wins the election as President. Independence? That's horse crap! For all we know, we as a country and race have been manipulated into situations that make our lives a living hell, thanks to our American friends.

Do you ever wonder why the price of oil in our country is much higher than the rest of our Asian neighbors? Well, you can thank the World Bank for that. My sources have disclosed to me that the main reason why gas prices are staggeringly high in our country is because we are not allowed to purchase oil directly from oil producing countries. My sources in Yanboo, a province in Saudi Arabia which is the headquarters of the Saudi-Aramco Corporation said that the Philippines is not allowed to directly buy oil from any oil producing countries because of our enormous debt to the World Bank, (which is run by the American government along with its European counterparts) because the World Bank needs to mitigate our piling debt  as to make sure that we pay our interests, thus the staggering oil prices. In Asia, there are only 2 countries that are allowed to directly buy oil from oil producing countries namely Japan and Singapore. Now back to Emilio Aguinaldo and why most Filipinos think that he is a stinking traitor, or do you need a plausible proof to believe?

Proof? Are you blind? Why did you think did the Americans let Emilio Aguinaldo live all those years as their enemy? The answer is quite simple, besides being a puppet for the American government to manipulate, they even gave him a “white horse” to ride on. “White Horse” meaning a metaphor you ninnies! They made sure that Aguinaldo had no reason to complain against his American masters so they gave him the affluence and money to comfortably live out his remaining days as a traitor to the Filipino mistake, a hero in the eyes of Philippine history. Anyway, as the years went on, the United states continued to dance all over the Filipinos by instigating numerous agendas, including the manipulation of the Hukbalahap (Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon), a local guerrilla movement headed by Luis Taruc, which its primary goal was to thwart off the advancing Japanese forces during World War 2.

It was during the time of former president Ramon Magsaysay that the Filipino nation found an honest to goodness political leader that they can depend on, as it was Magsaysay that coaxed Taruc in surrendering peacefully, including its followers and return to the fold of the government. It was this reason why Magsaysay claimed a landslide victory over his opponents during the November 10, 1953 presidential elections. It was also this sole reason why Magsaysay was lauded the title “President of the Masses” as his honest charisma was clearly seen as he was the first Philippine president that rode public transport, only taking along with him 2 bodyguards. Magsaysay had no evident enemies during that time as he had the support of the people behind him, but that was soon to change.  

Because of the rising Communist threat, the Americans were becoming a bit uneasy with Magsaysay's close affinity with the leaders of the Hukbalahap as it would create a rift of interests between the U.S government and its vested strategical sanctions in the South East Asian region. The Americans were afraid that the country could fall to Communist ideologies and were afraid that Magsaysay would lead the masses against American rule. On that faithful day of March 16, 1957, Magsaysay's Cebu Douglas C-47 presidential plane, “The Mount Pinatubo” was reported missing. Soon afterwards it was found out that the presidential plane carrying the president and 24 others, careened on the mountainside of Mount Manunggal in Cebu, cutting short his presidency which was to end on December 30, 1957. It was a big loss for the Filipino people as it was only Magsaysay who was truly a president that they can relate to in terms of being a real patriot to the nation.

Accident or assassination? It's no secret that the Philippines is being controlled by the C.I.A, particularly the N.S.A. since the American Government can easily do whatever they want with our country. Ramon Magsaysay's story is no different to that of what happened to former S.I.L.G. Secretary Jesse Robredo, who on August 18, 2012 met a similar fate as that of former president Ramon Magsaysay. In the case of Secretary Jesse Robredo, his case was different as it was not the C.I.A. who had a hand on his “accident” but was more of a deeper reason. One tall tale was that he, being a Secretary of the D.I.L.G. under the executive branch of the Government, had discovered some discrepancies concerning cases regarding corruption involving past administering personalities. The other was simple...The present administration just wanted Jesse Robredo out of the way so that they could put other personalities on the pedestal of the D.I.L.G. and crawl them up to the 2016 Presidential elections.

It is so obvious and plain to see that the Filipino people are being fooled again and again and again and this game of Tom Foolery will never end as long as the Filipino nation continues to rely on the Government that is being manipulated and pulled by the higher powers that be. We are definitely a nation of fools as we do not see the clear picture of what is really happening to our country as we are continued to be trampled by multinational conglomerates, religious business institutions and political pet monkeys that play out a game of misleading the Filipino nation to its obvious demise. No matter how many elections pass, we will always be victims of our own in-bred stupidity by believing that there is hope lurking on the silver thin lining of the sky.

Oligarchs rule this country which in turn are manipulated by the American government, and that is no secret as there is nothing we can do about it. Hmmm, come to think about it...being conquered by China does not seem to be a bad idea, especially when the United States is quite hesitant to intercede with regard to the Spratlys issue. The 2016 Presidential Elections...A Carnival Of Fools!

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