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Friday, 2 October 2015

Pinoy Pasaway: The Irony Of Philippine Law

The Law is a guideline that is implemented in society as a governing policy which has only one goal, and that is to keep things in order. Have you ever seen those movies that depict a scenario of a society thrown in chaos? That usually happens when the governing authoritative hand of the law ceases to exist and looses it's grip on society. Laws were created in the beginning for just the specific purpose of maintaining the peace and order of a community in regards to a common understanding aimed for a peaceful social coexistence. In short, Law was created to protect ourselves...from ourselves. It is quite ironic to think that we have to create rules that we should follow because of our tendency to make erratic and detrimental decisions that can not only affect people around us, but also the community that we live in as well.

We, as a society are the one's that evaluate and make the rules in regards to the necessary actions on how and why a rule of law must be implemented. Since people are the one's that make and implement laws, there are times that the people that were given the right to carry out it's governance, can sometimes be the same one's that ends up breaking them! That is why there are lawyers that stand in the middle to mediate on certain situations, as to make sure that everybody has a fair chance of legally defending themselves, unless of course they are proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The law entitles everyone to justify their actions and everyone has a right to defend themselves in an unbiased court of law.

Just think of lawyers as a negotiator between you and your government. Law practitioners like that of the Public Legal Assistance Office (P.L.A.O.), which according to their website at, said a majority of legal court proceedings usually involve criminal cases that are related to alcohol related crimes and misdemeanors, shoplifting, drug charges, illegal possession of firearms and other related cases. Our society does have an issue with our own social struggle to come into terms with the simple prerequisites of the law. Such adverse social compliance tells us that we should really clean up our act as a society and it is not just that easy like looking for a needle in a hay stack to get the job done to start working for the betterment of our understanding on how the law implies in regards to our daily endeavors and existence in society as a whole.

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