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Monday, 28 September 2015

Philippine Medical Professionals: Pompous Dreams And Pageantry

This has been a very disturbing issue that I had been pondering in my thoughts as far back as I can remember. Just to make it clear that I do not have anything against what the Philippine medical profession, including the doctors, nurses and all those who are involved in making the standard of health in the Philippines a little better (and bearable) and what it represents. Nevertheless, I am deeply bothered by how those involve in ensuring that we all get a chance to be able to afford a “decent” medical service is represented. Fact is, doctors and nurses here in the Philippines are more concerned about  the pomp and pageantry that seemingly goes along hand in hand with being a doctor or a nurse for that matter, and is a “privilege” rather than an act of service for those who are in dire need of getting adequate medical help.

Philippine doctors and nurses walk among society here brandishing their privileged mind set thinking that they are life savers and should be given the respect that they “demand” from people that they serve. They can be seen walking around almost everywhere donning their medical gowns and wearing their stethoscopes around their necks despite the fact that they are already out of the hospital. What's even more intriguing is that they even wear their medical gowns when strolling in the malls as to make certain that people around them recognize them for what they are. I respect the fact that they have worked their asses off from years of studying in medical school to get to where they are right now, but does it really have to be necessary to prance around in their medical gowns and stethoscopes even if they are off duty...and of all the places, even in the mall?

It just clearly shows that they are all just a bunch of pompous braggarts giving out a clear statement of shouting out loud “Look at me you lowlifes! I am a doctor!”. This is a very intimidating scenario in which being a member of the Philippine medical profession gives you the right to have privileges such as putting a bumper sticker on your newly financed BMW stating, “Doctor, Do Not Delay” and being able to wear fashionable clothes to accentuate your social status as a lifesaver. Its really a big laugh to hear their oath of putting the importance to rendering their services to people who are in need of medical attention during their graduation rites, that puts the importance of saving lives before digging into their patients wallets. Unfortunately, the medical practice here in the Philippines is really the opposite of that, as many hospitals here require the patient to dough out money before giving them the medical attention that they desperately need.

That is the reason why most people in this country opt to stay at home, to die quietly in their beds, rather than seek out medical help from these so called “doctors” for the sole reason that a funeral will cost much less than being confined to a hospital bed. What's worse is that these doctors and nurses will give you hope that you will be able to overcome your ailments and be fine, despite the fact that they are just prolonging your agony health and money wise. The Philippine Medical Educational system is 30 years behind what is being taught in the Western hemisphere and what's even funnier is that doctors and nurses that go abroad are not even close to qualify to practice what they learned in the Philippines because the medical practices here are so outdated that they have to study everything again just to pass international medical standards.

The doctors that graduated here and have been practicing for more than 10 years end up as nurses in other countries because what they though they have learned was really not enough to make them capable of being doctors in other countries. You should see how insanely confident medical students are in this country, thinking that they have secured their future when all they really end up in the long run are just slaves that wipe other people's asses in the United States and in Europe. That is why many youths today, if they will ever have the privileged to study medicine and nursing, go into the medical profession, to get out of the country to serve in foreign lands and to earn money...not to serve the need of people that are in need of medical attention. Sadly enough, that is the real purpose of why there are so many medical and nursing students in this country.

The principle of rendering medical service to people is nothing more than a hypocritical charade masking the real purpose and intent of why they want to become doctors and nurses and clearly states why the Philippines is really all messed up, from the government all the way down to its medical professionals because it is all about the money and nothing else. In all seriousness, Philippine doctors and nurses really don't care about what happens to you as you lay on the hospital bed while you grimace in pain and agony, as all that matters to them is the money that they will be earning from your misfortune. In the Philippines, hospitals are like slaughter houses that earn from your need to save your own life as these doctors and nurses look upon you as slaves under their will. In a country where the government, the educational system and the way of life is nothing short compared to a nightmarish hell, most people opt to bear their health problems and even die accordingly to their own terms rather than seek the help from doctors and nurses. 

In other western countries where even homeless people get a fair chance of being able to avail free medical services, getting sick in the Philippines means a sure death, which is accompanied by the financial torment that follows after your demise. The real problem starts after you die, when the hospital and funeral bills come rolling in. There are no free funeral services in the Philippines, not even those sanctioned by the Philippine  government as they really don't give any concern to anything that you are presently going through at the moment. In South East Asia, the Philippines is one, if not the worst places that anyone can be, and when it comes to maintaining your health, you get a 50/50 chance of recovering when you are handled by doctors and nurses here. The way I see it, it is better to find a tree and sit down under its shade, hoping to fall asleep while reading a good book and never, ever waking up.

As of 2015, the international demand for Filipino nurses has declined as by as much as 30% compared to the last decade and the Philippine government has issued a policy stating that newly graduate nurses must first have a minimal 3 years of serving here in the Philippines before being allowed to go abroad. Another stupid development disclosed by a friend of mine is that after graduating and passing the nursing licensee exam, a newly graduated nurse has to come up with a little as much as 50,000 pesos to  undergo additional training before being able to apply to hospitals. And you know what, it so happens that newly graduate medical and nursing students have to pay hospitals to let them work there, now that is what I call pure bureaucratic crap!

As a means of making ends meet, most newly graduate nurses are forced to seek employment as call center agents just to raise the amount of money to be able to pay for these “extra added requirements”. Knowing Filipino medical and nursing students, looks like they gambled too much than they expected of it. Good luck to your future, if there is any future here in the Philippines that is.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Subtle Whoring Of The Filipino Writer (Ang Pag-Puputa Ng Pilipinong Manunulat)

Filipino writers are among the best of the best all over the world when it comes to flair and passion regarding writing. Unfortunately, scarcity and a poor government who fails in every minimal aspect of taking care of the welfare of its citizens are among the primary reasons in why we, as Filipino writers, engage in the futile search for a meager wage based on our writing skills. The Philippine government has miserably failed in solving all of its economical problems due to the fact that it doesn't do any tangible and credible efforts to address the antiquated problem of education, poverty and corruption of government.

The Philippine government has been sold to foreign principals ever since the United States had brought the rights of colonization from Spain in the late 1890's and as of today, is still the same state as it was then, scrounging for respect from our “masters”. Which puts me back to the main concern of the Filipino writer's plight of having to embarrassingly accept pennies and dimes from arduous writing obligations from principals all over the world. As writers, we are among the top best country with a high degree of English competency in the whole Asian region. We can read and write English, far more better than any of our Asian counter parts even though we are openly treated as slaves in more ways than one.

         (One of my favorite authors who conceptualized "sex, drugs and writing"...William S. Burroughs. The author of "Naked Lunch")

The global accessibility of the Internet has eventually led to further diversify the opportunities of earning added income to those who posses the adept skills in real writing. Unfortunately, honest writers, and I do mean many of them get short changed in regards to the right amount of compensation that should be given to those who truly deserve it in regards to their skills. There is even the frequent intentional misdemeanor of the employers part of making petty reasons not to pay the lowly author as to completely deplete any form of trust regarding such writing endeavors. There are no assurances of any security protecting the Filipino writer from this sort of discrepancy as it is just taken as a social reality that no matter how good you are in what you do, job wise, there is an 80% chance that you will be abandoned after you had done a good job.

Employers who seek out Filipino writers must at least reconsider our plight midst this dwindling morality that is being corroded by utter poverty. We want to earn as badly as the next person who would want to earn an honest day's keep, and we are even willing to do it well beyond the reasonable indicated rate for wages just as long that they be honest about the job that they offer to all Filipino writers. Filipinos are very honest and sincere towards their work and even go an extra mile beyond the responsibility of the job needed just to prove our faithfulness in our mutual respect for our employers.

Another annoying subject is that of those posing as legitimate employers from India and Pakistan, who ask for samples of original writing articles as they will first evaluate it for Copyscape, and then eventually fade off into the darkness, leaving the dumb witted and over trusting Filipino writer wondering what ever happened, as all is too late to realize the truth that his or her article has already been used by the so called employer. We have no way of controlling such matters of employment and it is only by chance that you be so fortunate to encounter an honest employer who will fully fulfill their obligations as honestly as they can. Some lame reasons that I have encountered employers saying that their business is not going so well and that funds can not be provided to pay for services rendered.

On-line writing is a very fulfilling endeavor if your efforts come to fruit in regards to giving informative perspective to the article that you write. Writing is not a lucrative undertaking and will not suffice you financially contrary to all the advertising that you come across the Internet stating otherwise. Be very careful in dealing with employers who are not willing to cross the threshold of trust. Write with your heart and mind first before writing for any other principles other than the truth of the reality of life as money and financial gain can derail you from your divine principles as a writer.

Bloggys 2015 Awards Night

So, attending an awards night means that you are worthy of what you do, and with regards to writing a blog, means that you have caught the attention of people around the world that read your post. Although is not your average blog, as it firmly believes in bringing the truth to what is really happening in society, particularly here in the Philippines. Truth is, writing has always been a passion for me, but not as stimulating as telling the truth without candy coated words.

Being nominated and making it to the final presentation is an honor, though it seems like a surreal dream of sorts since I have a pessimistic opinion when it comes to adulating this damned and doomed country (The Philippines). What surprises me is that the award giving body of Bloggys 2015 scrutinizes every blog that is nominated for the awards night, yet I still wonder why in the world would they give my blog a fighting chance to compete?

Then again, I still thank the award giving body of Bloggys 2015 for including my blog, even though it bashes Filipino bloggers for the sole purpose of giving them a second opinion of what and why they are writing it to impress other nations with regard to our skills as Filipino writers? Or is it to attract more employers for outsourcing purposes?

Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure, being a blogger, an on-line writer, a call center agent, or any outsourcing employee, it brings out the best, or in my case as a writer, the worst of what the human intellect can offer to the world.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Of Apes And Men...The Way We Are

Fear is one of the traits that control any living organism and it is fear and inadequacy within its environment that stimulates its need for self preservation. Living organisms are genetically inclined to survive and they automatically veer away from things that may be a threat for their existence. Humans have that same fear amongst themselves and it is this fear that triggers a paranoiac tendency to retaliate against one another regardless of any rational reason bearing any thought of to what it is. It may be rooted from the source of our ancestors...the apes.

Apes have this uncanny habit of looking at each other and leaving a bad impression on their fellow apes that it often ends up in a fight. It is often called “The Bad Monkey Look”, and as the term suggests it, apparently is a predominant trait amongst the great apes including humans. As a specie, we are so egoistic and take pride in what we achieved and done for our own self improvement but that can not be a valid reason to justify such a negatively enforced trait. We hate competition even amongst ourselves that we end up plotting means to eradicate competition as to emerge as a dominant and controlling entity. Leaving it to the predominant specie to take all pertinent resources to ensure its survival.

Despite of this undeniable truth in which we exist, there are still those who believe that this chaotic way of life is just an evolutionary stage in which our society is going through and that the final understanding of what our purpose in life is still in the process of being unlocked in the deepest recesses of our minds. It maybe just a question of acceptance and outlook of how we perceive life all around us and that the complications of this society that we exist upon based on the conveniences that we created to favor us.

Our true biological purpose in this world is to populate it and consume it's natural resources, quite true, but the way that human beings go through about life is such a frightening manner. Compared to other living organisms, we as a species are the only ones that leave a trail of destruction while slowly ravaging the very resources that can sustain our lives. Unlike animals that only take what is proportionally permitted in nature, we on the other hand consume more than what is needed and at the same time dilute our selves with our own residual filth caused by our intentional defiance of nature's divine purpose.

For millions of years even before the emergence of human beings, animals have populated the world without much complication as far as nature was concerned. Naturally living out their lives as intended by instinct dictated them without making not as much of any detrimental unbalance to it's natural surroundings. As far as nature was concerned, nothing can be far ideal than this. Then we came in the world strutting out our egoistic ideologies that drastically changed every imaginable concept of life contrary to its natural precepts.

Since then, life as we know it continued to flourish up to this day to favor our own convenience despite the growing threat of unbalancing the natural cycle of nature which is now clearly being manifested by drastic climate change. Despite the undeniable truth, we still remain remorsefully defiant thinking that we can never be undaunted by such unimportant things that do not concern our own personal conveniences regarding our way of life. Unfortunately nature can never be defied. Human beings have no hold when it comes to the seemingly naive thought that it can in some ways control or go against the natural balance of life despite all the compendium knowledge that man has achieved.

It is now coming out of the clear that we are anomalous to nature as we don't live by the natural guidelines that it intended us to dwell within its natural confines. Continuing to live with a blinded idealistic fervor might lead to the demise of the human species as nature can easily eject us from its own system. Just like when the body ejects foreign substances that knows can be harmful to it's biological system. It is just a matter of humanity making its next step with its dance against nature, to make a fatal step will end the dance in a chaotic reality for us.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Blog Awards: How To Create Social Media Zombies

How do Governments control society? Well, there are certain means of doing that, besides the more obvious reasons such as absurd tax policies, economic control, fear propaganda and all other sort of mind redirecting methods that induce a varied public opinion of the status quo. Unfortunately, World Governments have been utilizing the most simple form of mind control ever conjured by a society that has only one thing in it's devious and dubious mind...Entertainment and Mass Media.

Entertainment and mass media has been around since ancient times, a means of relieving society's angst with regard on why life in this world falls short from our ideal expectations, despite assurances from governments that they are doing the best with regards to looking after their citizen's welfare...yeah right.

Entertainment and Social Media, particularly the Internet is nothing more than a subtle means of controlling our general opinion on what is really happening to the world today. Quite frankly, I am really surprised to find out that society has grown more stupid in light with the dawn of the Internet.

Especially here in the Philippines, where these so called “Well known Bloggers” have decided to establish themselves as the best that they could be when it comes to imparting their thoughts to the world, when in truth, it is nothing more than an act of self-indulged debauchery on their part as writers!

Have you ever read these blogs that these so-called “Top Filipino Bloggers” write about? Senseless and irrelevant since all they write about is their feel-good psychotic delusions on how they would like people to look at the world in their point of view.

I must admit, Filipino Bloggers are the best in the world...the best slaves that is...It's so obvious that they write to impress foreigners who for the past decade or so are all outsourcing Filipino writers to write for them. Filipino writers are not real writers...they are social media zombies that follow their slave masters every command.

Sad to say that the true unadulterated essence of literature has been reduced to a "tabloid-like" state, veering away from a more truthful and respectful representation of what a Filipino writer is capable of conjuring up with regard to writing.

Most writers these days just write about things that will attract people who view the Internet as a "legitimate" source of daily information, but in truth, Filipino writers are forced to conform to what they think people would want to read in the Internet.

Of course I believe that the Filipino writer is up to par with the world's best when it comes to writing as we have a vivid way of putting our thoughts through words, but instead of telling the truth as it is, we are forced to put a little bit of exaggeration to our words...just to please our foreign employers.

Another thing that bothers me is that not all Filipinos know what they are reading when they open up a blog page. Do you honestly believe that the general population of the Philippines has a convenient means to access the Internet? Do you fervently believe that the general population of this country has the intellectual means of understanding the message that we are trying to impart as writers? 

Chances are that only a few people in this society will be able to read the articles that you are writing, and that is only limited to those who belong to the lower and upper middle class of this society which had the privilege of acquiring a decent education. Hence, it may be a bit useless and frustrating on our parts as writers to define our thoughts when we know that the general masses of this country won't even have the slightest idea of what we are trying to impart through our writings.

Do these Filipino Bloggers really know what foreigners think about Filipinos and the Philippines as a whole? Monkey slaves and pompous braggarts...and that is not meant to insult my fellow Filipino writers, as I my self have been victim to such racist "puns" by my former employers. 

In the end, we as outsourced employees are forced to take in writing jobs at an unbelievably low rate, having to spend 40 hours or more just to please our employers, ready to dish out their best writing talents in exchange for breadcrumbs. The Bloggys 2015 Blog Awards is nothing more than a farce, which celebrates the indolence of the lesser Filipino writer's hunger for international acclaim. 

You can thank this stupid Philippine government for that, as it allowed it's citizens to be sold at the expense of their own miserable existence, in which case thinking that they will be recognized for their writing talents...But in reality...they are just foot soldiers...another cog on a gear.

Blog Awards?...For what?..And for whom? 

Oh...By the Way before I forget...Here is the official Media kit of The 2015 Bloggys Awards Night so you can get an idea of who's earning from whom and it seems like there is always an agenda which focuses on a vested interest, HAPPY BLOGGING!

Friday, 11 September 2015

All About Body Fats

“Why We Have Body Fats”
The human anatomy is a very interesting topic to talk about with regards to the true function of cellulose fat tissues. Body fats are also called lipids, its actual function is related to thermal control of the entire body thus regulating the dispersal of accumulated body heat and at the same time insulating our body from heat and cold. Lipids are benign in nature, which means they are neither harmful in the sense of metabolic physiology in regards to body function. Fats do not incorporate any nerve stimuli but they are interconnected to some degree of blood vessels (small capillary veins), that sustain the regulation of temperature in the entire body.

“Truths About Body Fats”

At the start of human life within the conception of the womb, the embryo at its early stages already has an ample amount of soft tissue lipids surrounding its anatomical entirety. Muscle tissues develop within these fat tissues to ensure a protective layer that acts as a thermal blanket for the fetus. This is needed for reasons that the internal temperature of the womb can reach as much as 40 to 45 degrees Celsius or roughly about 97 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. This is quite high but essential for the proper growth of the fetus, therefore the fat tissues surrounding it protect it from the extreme temperate climate within the womb.

However, the umbilical cord that is connected to the fetus regulates the blood flow that delivers an adequate supply of cool fluids including the blood that balances the heat from over cooking it. This is a first hand look of how nature miraculously balances the evolution of life! Simply put that fat is an essential part of human development during the early stages of conception. During the time of birth and the first years of a baby's life, body fat is predominant during infancy to protect the infant from environmental temperature, added to that, it also makes babies look so cuddly and cute!

“Myths about Body Fat”

Fat can not be removed surgically and assumed that it will stay at a dormant state regardless of any method of removal! Liposuction is a useless method if you think that it will make your body fats stay away forever. The truth is, fat or lipids are genetically and metabolically developed for purposes beyond human control and that is to protect you from any sudden temperature change externally or internally induced. It also protects you from sudden traumatic incidents of shock. At the early stages of a human beings life, we develop a natural metabolic tendency to eat as to make fat develop for our own needs of storing heat and body energy.

“The Scary Facts About Body Fats”

The human body can produce an electrical charge amounting to roughly 9 volts! This is the average voltage capacity of a dry cell battery. Most of this charge is stored in our fat tissues just underlying the skin, this charge is partly utilized by the brain and the rest is stored for energy to be used when needed. This is possible because of the chemical constitution that body fat possesses which acts similar to that of battery acid but in a subtle way. The underlying synergy of organic chemical fluids and temperature fluctuations within the environment and body itself causes fat to act as “solar panels” thus the occurring electrical charge in our body.

It is clinically proven that people with ample to above average body fat are more tolerant to extreme climactic conditions thus being able to survive more tolerably in hot climates and extreme cold weather. Compared to those who have below average body fat density, people with more body fat are more enduring. But it does come with extreme caution in regards to the more common problems that body fat can inflict more harm than good.

High blood and cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart ailments just to name a few accompanied by too much body fat. While too little body fat can also do harm as well. A comparative scenario that was documented during the early part of the 1970's involving American farmers and former Vietnam veterans. A high case of different forms of cancer were observed within the two said demographical categories, pertaining to blood toxicity levels that were induced to their bodies.

The key denominator was chemical toxicity due to the fact of extreme prolonged exposure to pesticides and herbicides. DDT were predominantly used during those times including the Vietnam war campaign where by the United States Armed Forces used weed killing agents fondly called “Agent Orange” or “Orange Crush”. After a few years after the Vietnam war, aging veterans suddenly fell ill and were discovered to have been inflicted by different kinds of cancer! Clinical tests concluded that both American farmers and Vietnam war veterans had toxic agents resulting from prolonged exposure from these chemicals that were embedded within their fat cells under the skin.

These toxic compounds were eventually released into their blood stream when the fat tissues were slowly thinned down because of the aging process thus inflicting cancerous growth and eventually succumbing to death! Thus it could be said that body fat also gives essential protection against toxic chemicals such as these.

“The Natural Way to Loose Fat”
There is however a more convenient and natural way to shed off these stubborn fat growth. One is dieting and the other is using Natural Organic Health Supplements, both go hand in hand in order to effectively work properly. GARCINIA CAMBOGIA 1300 HCA (HYDROXYCITRICACID), GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT HCA (HYDROXYCITRIC ACID), CHLORELLAEXTRACT, GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT and RASPBERRY KETONE DROPS. All of these mentioned are all naturally derived ingredients from nature itself. Providing the body with ample amount of nutrition by way of natural body metabolism. It also has a natural detoxification action against free radicals and heavy metals, natural rejuvenation of cellular growth and a natural appetite suppressant to reduce eating too much which causes eventual overgrowth of fat tissues in the body

On-Line Gambling: Chance Taking At The Convenience Of Your Fingertips

On-line gaming has become such a global phenomena that it encompasses the revenue made by long time established casinos around the world in regards to earnings. Prior to the boom of on-line gaming, electronic lottery was already establishing itself as the very first form of on-line betting method that it was one of the most habit forming social indulgence that was patronized on a national level. Since it's early conception in the late 1960's, the Lottery had a big impact on a country's economical growth as it brought in billions of dollars into the socio-economic structure. It was not until 1994 that the small Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda created a bill called the Free Trade and Processing Act that allowed organizations to be granted licenses to operate on-line casinos. Prior to this, a small software developing company called Microgaming was already developing an application that will ensure the security and privacy of it's users on-line. Microgaming was based on the Isle of Man and with the help of a company called CryptoLogic, and after numerous evaluation in testing their software for security flaws, safe trans actions can now be made which led to the operation of the very first on-line casinos.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established in 1996 to regulate all on-line gaming activities in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake which also issued gaming licenses to most of the world's on-line casinos. This was to make sure that licensed on-line gambling operators and organizations follow a rule of fairness and transparency. Nearing the end of the 1990's, Internet on-line gambling was already picking up momentum as the third most popular activity that people indulge in on-line, next to browsing, on-line RPG gaming and social networking. From the time that it started operating in 1996 with just 15 websites, it has grown to as much as 200 websites in just 1 year at the end of 1997. Frost and Sullivan, a well known accounting firm disclosed that on-line gambling earnings that were generated by on-line operators were calculated to have reached more than $830 million dollars in 1998 alone. According to Frost and Sullivan, it also revealed that the most played on-line gambling that people played was poker and other variations of it, and that most players came from North America, particularly the United States and Canada.

In 2001, there was an estimate of 8 million people, who in one way or the other, actively participated in on-line gambling. Despite of some legislation and other lawsuits that were imposed, the number of people that indulge themselves in on-line gambling continued to rise which created some concerns for long time casinos and establishments that had seen a slight drop on their customers. By the end of the year 2008, the on-line gambling industry was said to have earned a total of $21 billion dollars in global sales. The Internet has made it much possible for people to play their favorite games, besides the traditional poker, which is still a favorite among aficionados, there are also other forms of on-line gambling games that now being played, thanks to the improvement in regards to Internet technology. A good example of such games are Keno, Scratch-cards and Video Lottery Terminal.

Even traditional off-line gambling events have already joined the Internet bandwagon and have started to capitalize in on-line gambling as a very influential means to draw in crowds of avid gamblers who find the convenience of on-line gaming in the comforts their homes. A few traditional gambling activities that have decided to go on-line in order to attract more patrons are soccer, horse racing, car racing, rugby, boxing and basketball have now opened up to on-line betting. Horse racing holds a substantial percentage on wagers that are made on-line as on-line operators and betting exchanges offer a wide variety of racing events that cover most of the major races all around the world.

On-line gambling is not only limited to computers as it is now also available on most mobile smart phones that offer similar sites that cater to the mobile market application. With improvements of mobile technology, it was now possible for anyone with an Android smart phone to make real time on-line wagers on a game of their choice, provided that they have a decent Internet Wi-Fi connection. Many on-line betting services have already implemented In-Play gambling services that allows bettors to actually input their wagers as the games are being conducted. This sort of betting allows people to catch up with most on-line bets which are mostly sporting events. This gives on-line gamblers a whole lot of other choices to bet on besides the usual method of who would win or loose. Some options that a bettor can put their money on are the final scores, overtimes, or in the case of a soccer match, which player gets the yellow card first or who gets fouled out.

On-line gambling, the convenient means of betting and the ways of how to acquire your winnings have always been the center of issues concerning the security of transferring money on-line. The most common method of betting and getting paid off is through the use of credit cards, electronic checks, money order, certified checks and even wire transfers. Most of the time, people that indulge themselves in on-line gambling avail credits from the establishments that provide the service. They can make bets on the games that they offer through one of the most acceptable terms of payments that were mentioned. People who frequently gamble on-line often use their credit or debit cards and withdraw their winnings through the same procedure. However, it is noted that most American banks prohibit their clients to use their credit cards for the purpose of on-line gambling and attempting to do so would disable their accounts for 24 hours. 

In view of this predicament, a number of electronic money services have been catering to people who would like to fund their on-line credits for the sole purpose of gambling, however, such companies like Moneybrookers, Neteller and FirePay had already have already discontinued their services in the United States. Accepted payments in the form of wire transfer or checks are also given credit by some on-line gambling service providers. In 1999, the National Gambling Impact Study reported that Internet games, particularly on-line gambling, provided instant “gratification” that it may cause an evolving social problem which was termed “pathological gambling”. On-line gambling was said to be 75% more habit inducing than that of going to legally endorsed gambling establishments like that of Las Vegas or in Atlantic City. Furthermore, the study shows that because of the privacy involving private on-line users, other American states which prohibit gambling are now able to participate in any form of gambling which is totally beyond the governments jurisdiction and control.

The Rising Risk Of Air Pollution

The steadily rising levels of air pollution on a global scale is slowly starting to manifest it's detrimental effects on almost everyone who is situated near the vicinity of industrial areas, namely the big cities. Besides being an environmental problem that is clearly affecting the condition of the atmosphere and the incremental weather that is radically changing the seasons, it is also affecting the quality of life, all around us, particularly our health. There has been a reported rise in the statistics of people who are suffering from various forms of respiratory ailments which is related to the declining quality of the air that we breathe. The main cause is related to air pollution, which varies from heavily polluted areas such as industrial zones, which produce a staggering amount of particulates. Not only solid particulate residue that we tend to ingest through our lungs, but also a rise in the toxicity of the air that we breathe on a daily basis. 

This change has affected how people live in some of the most densely populated areas in the world, particularly in the big cities and surrounding urban areas. In the last decade or so, there has been a rise to the way houses, buildings and other structures are being integrated with air purification systems that siphon out harmful particulates of the air that is being vented from the outside environment. These air purification systems are integrated into existing HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning) which capture airborne particulates and even toxic fumes that may pose a health problem for people. These air filters uses HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, which is also used in some of the best vacuum for pet hair, which can be seen here. The urgency for such necessity to install indoor air filtering systems could be attributed to the rise in children and adults alike who are suffering from airborne allergies that cause respiratory ailments.

It is very apparent that the change it made to our environment has also affected the way that our weather is changing. Some prevailing global conditions, particularly climate change, has given rise to global warming, the continued depletion of the ozone layer and acid rain. Climate change has now began to change the way or plants, particularly our food crops, on their natural ability to produce adequate yields, that is now falling short in complying with a growing population that needs to be fed on a daily basis. This can be manifested with certain food crops failing to produce in places which should be otherwise. Drought and the drying of once well irrigated regions of the planet is a sign that the climate is slowly making a turn for the worse if we will not act upon on our own initiative, to stop the effect of climate change due to our continued exploitation of the environment and the use of fossil fuels.

There are two kinds of ozone layers that can be found in our environment, one particular kind can be found on the ground level (the troposphere). This can sometimes be manifested as a major part of the formation of smog. This type of ozone gas should not be confused with the ozone that is protecting us from the harmful effects of ultra violet and other harmful forms of radiation that is coming from the sun (the stratosphere). Ozone is a natural form of gas and is formed by the combination of organic compounds that reacts when it is exposed to sunlight. Over the past century, this same ozone steadily became harmful due to the fact that it was now being mixed in with toxic inorganic compounds that are produced along with other pollutants in the air, that come from industrial facilities. One inorganic compound that is being produced by industrial plants is Nitrogen oxide, that is produced from burning gasoline, coal and other fossil fuels. Troposphere ozone can cause asthma attacks, sore throats, incoherent coughing and even breathing difficulties. Troposphere ozone can also affect plant growth, particularly food crops.

Carbon Monoxide:
Another harmful inorganic compound produced by burning fossil fuels is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is mostly produced by cars and other fuel combustion engines that run on fuels like gasoline, diesel and bunker fuels. It is a colorless and odorless gas which poses an imminent threat to our health on a daily basis. Carbon monoxide is the most abundant inorganic gases that society produces on a daily basis which can be credited to engines that do not efficiently burn spent fuel. This type of pollutant is not only limited to vehicles but is also produced by furnaces and heaters. High concentrations of carbon monoxide can be found in densely populated areas such as cities. Carbon monoxide poisoning causes dizziness and a sensation of lightheadedness at some point, as this effect is caused by carbon dioxide to displace oxygen in the lungs, causing headaches and asphyxiation which reduces the amount of oxygen being absorbed to the bloodstream, causing mental dysfunction. Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide can eventually cause death.

Nitrogen Dioxide:
Another pollutant caused by the use of fossil fuels is nitrogen dioxide which comes in the form of a reddish-drown gas. High quantities of nitrogen dioxide emit a strong smell, which mostly comes from power plants and vehicles. Nitrogen dioxide is formed in two separate ways, in which one aspect pertains to the nitrogen being released into the atmosphere by way of burning fuels and the other is when nitrogen reacts with oxygen in very high temperatures. Another detrimental effect of nitrogen dioxide comes in the form of acid rain, which can accelerate the corrosion of metals and even stone structures. Acid rain is formed when pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and other inorganic gaseous compounds find their way to an area where there are rainclouds, in which acid rain is produced as air pollutants get mixed with precipitation that fall along with the rain. Nitrogen dioxide also causes the onset of respiratory ailments.

Sulfur Dioxide:
Sulfur dioxide is probably one of the most damaging forms of inorganic pollutants that is abundant in our atmosphere. At low levels, it is odorless and colorless, but in high concentrations, is gives off a pungent smell that closely resembles rotting eggs. Sulfur dioxide is commonly produced from coal and oil burning power plants. It can also be produced as waste materials from chemical, oil and paper manufacturing facilities that uses sulfur as an additive to the manufacturing process. Sulfur also is one of the major contributors to the growing occurrence of acid rain, and is considered more damaging than nitrogen dioxide as high concentrations of sulfur dioxide is corrosive in it's gaseous form.

Lead has been one of the most earliest forms of metal that humans had been using since the time of society's early development. Unfortunately, it was only this early part of the century that we found out that it possesses toxic elements that could be absorbed by our bodies that could lead to poisoning. Lead is a blueish-gray material and is found in a number of different forms. For one, lead is a premium additive to most fuels used by internal combustion engines as it functions as a lubricant for the upper cylinders of the combustion chamber, prolonging the life of the car's pistons. Another purpose of lead as an additive is used as a catalyst for paint and other chemically formulated emulsions. Lead paint used for primers and even lead pipes that are used to deliver water into our homes, are just some of the ways that we ingest and absorb lead on a daily basis. For young children undergoing their developmental years, it was proven that lead can cause a decrease in the intelligence quotient (IQ) and can even cause kidney damage to some extent due to prolonged exposure.

Toxic Air Pollutants:
This form of pollutants are directly proportional to the amount of chemically induced toxins that we release to our environment through the use of dangerous chemicals that we use in regards to our manufacturing practices on a global industrial level. A fairly large amount of chemicals that we use include arsenic, asbestos, dioxin and benzene in which we use in processing some of the materials that we make such as plastics and other resins. Up to this day, we still use all of this aforementioned substances, especially now that we make a whole lot more of plastic materials that we use on almost all of the products that we manufacture. Everyday, we release a vast amount of these pollutants which adds up to the worsening condition of the air that we inhale.

Ozone Depleters:
These are the byproduct of our frequent use of aerosols which uses chlorofluorocarbons as a medium of delivering chemicals into the air. It is mostly found in deodorizers, fire extinguishers and spray cannisters. It is also found in cooling compounds such as freon gas, which is the main substance which makes it possible for air-conditioners to give out cool air. Particularly in air conditioning systems, chlorofluorocarbons are released when freon is reloaded into the air condition compressor, as most freon gases are let out prior to putting in a new one. Chlorofluorocarbons is the major cause of the thinning of our ozone layer which is found in the stratosphere, which protects us from the dangerous effects of ultraviolet light and other harmful forms of radiation coming from the sun. The thinning of the ozone layer can cause the penetration of harmful sunlight which can cause skin cancer, to say the least, as it can also radically change the way our weather reacts.

Greenhouse Gases:
Greenhouse gas is the product of all the pollutants that form a layer of gases that inhibits the accumulated amount of heat that our planet has absorbed from escaping our atmosphere, causing our global temperature to rise a quarter of a degree. The steady rise of global temperatures causes the polar icecaps of the Arctic and Antarctic to melt, causing fresh water and trapped methane from the ice and seabed to escape into the atmosphere. The methane that escapes is then reintroduced to the atmosphere which further adds to global warming, causing an abrupt change to the climate which causes abnormalities in the planet's weather system. Greenhouse gases shields the accumulated heat that the planet has stored during the day time from naturally being blown out to the upper parts of the atmosphere where it should be cooled down and dissipated, but at the same time, corroding the protective layers of the ozone layer, letting in more harmful radiation that causes heat to increase global temperature, therefore affecting the climate.

Despite the development of such filtering systems like that of the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, there are some airborne particulates that are even smaller than 0.3 microns, which is the smallest grade that can be made for HEPA filters. There are even air borne matter that can be as small as 0.00005 microns which can easily go through HEPA filters. Airborne particulates are categorized in two types, one being the coarse particulates that comprises dust and other airborne debris which can easily be filtered out by HEPA filters. The other type of airborne particulates are those that are produced by burnt fuel which can not be filtered through conventional filtering systems. This type of ultra fine airborne particulates can be eliminated by ultraviolet radiation and heat detoxification which includes air being drawn through high temperatures which exceeds 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Education, Technology and Money: The Essence Of Socio-Economic Exsistence

Education: Society's Overrated Conception of Assurance and Security

Social indoctrination starts with education, as we grow up, we are taught to obey and follow the rules of society and to abide by it in order to have complete social integration with the present standards of social acceptance. We were given the impression that education was integral as the building principal for our development as a society, creating jobs, technology and all sorts of reliable values that we can hold on to as a society. Culture, arts entertainment and leisure are all created by us to fill the void of inadequacy and sometimes, boredom.
Education is integral in regards to acquiring knowledge to further improve our existence as human beings but it does veer away form our divine natural aspects in regards to our humanity. As organisms, our sole purpose is to live, breed and eventually die and it is purely based on our natural role in the ecology of life. Nothing can be further from this truth despite of our want to expand our consciousness of our existence and purpose. Propagation is built in our genes, as it explains our love for life and avoid every possibility of falling into the misery of the obvious truth that we can only do as much to keep our self respect and finding ways of trying to find a purpose for our role in life. 

Education only serves its purpose only to a point of usability and once you have passed your usability in this human society, you are then shoved aside. Brilliant minds that have contributed so much in the development of our society states that our existence is nothing more than a transient state of longing for purpose.
Doctors, lawyers, engineers and scientists, all fall prey to the inevitable end of growing old. I once knew a brilliant lawyer who I had the pleasure to know, who was so full of inspiration to all of his colleagues as he was well known to his circle of profession. Years later, he fell to the decay of Alzheimer's disease that debilitated his mental state and eventually rendering him in a child like state, defecating in his adult diaper. Education's tangibility can not be seen here as age and the truth of our human existence is much more obvious in the way nature slaps us in the face with the truth. Consider education as a passing trend for younger generations that are so defiant and complacent with their abilities to manipulate their fate, relying on what they think can give assurance on their place in human society.

Technology: Humanity's Garbage Heap

Do we really need all these technology? And for what? In the past 20 years or more, we had seen the rise of technology integrated to our needs as a society, but the big question is, do we really need all of this? The nature of man to constantly create for his own purpose of social existence has somewhat gone far beyond the natural necessity of life. Technology for the purpose of improving the overall quality of life is one thing but to continue to develop consumer products and put a suggestive social mentality of it as a need is quite different and alarming. Obvious hazards such as dwindling natural resources are becoming a global issue accompanied by the ecological impact that is changing the natural biology of the environment in regards to mass production and pollution.

The rampant campaign of conglomerates that manufacture such products and promote it as an added necessity for human life is a crime in itself as it promotes a distorted mind set for society to believe. Lithium ion batteries utilized for such consumer goods are as comparatively dangerous as a leaking nuclear power plant. The disposal of such toxic industrial debris are a rising threat to our ecology, considering lithium is a lethal compound. The production of plastic products has also reached alarming rates as plastic s are one of the products that contribute to the rising global temperatures involving global warming. China is one of the world's highest users of fossil fuels next to the United States, as all global manufacturing, consisting of 80% of all manufactured goods are now made in China. Plastics are mostly non biodegradable and will continue to mount as an additional clutter to our global garbage woes.
The unnecessary continued development of existing products that are solely for the purpose of profitability by these conglomerates can be considered as an unnecessary evil that contributes to the problems that humanity is facing but is collectively being ignored as it posses as a necessity for the improvement of life all around us without really realizing the actual implicated problems that goes along with the continued adherence to these certain principles.

Money: The Evil that Men Do
Does money really have worth? Do you honestly believe all that your teacher in economics class tell you of money's tangibility? Money is a piece of paper with a printed face of a person or animal or even a plant, that has a unique serial number to prove it's individual credibility. What is funny though, is that a government can control the worth of a certain currency as if it was just play money. If you really put your common sense thinking, money is just a piece of paper, and that is all it is actually. The whole damn world is controlled with the monetary system and no nation on Earth can conform properly without a controlled monetary system. Money is control and control is social inhibition which boils down to one is slavery. You work hard your entire life just to save for a decent, respectable funeral. Money is actually a pointless aspect of life and as children, we were brain washed to accept that it is a need in life.
The social mentality goes with this pointless thought that money is life, and in some perspective, money is God. We are truly a doomed society that embraces this concept of the truth to which many of us succumb quite easily to the notion of money as a life saving aspect of our existence. Most of us might have forgotten the simple saying that goes, “The best things in life are free”, as social corruption induced by conglomerates and governments, work hand and hand to control our thoughts and points of view. We have all fallen to the mercy of this life as we find social conveniences to protect us from our fears, generated by governments to follow their policies or else face the dire consequences of being termed as social inconveniences or outcasts from human society. The convenience of electricity, communications, health care, food and education are all forced upon as as a necessity to overcome these fears of inadequacy.
But the truth catches up on us as the obvious subjugation of this society back fires on itself. Governments are starting to feel the economic collapse as they slowly run out of ways to play the sentiments of the people that they are supposedly to serve the interest of its citizens. Global economy is starting to eat itself up as the collapse starts to affect everyone on this Earth. It is all just a matter of time as nations will start to steal from one another in regards to natural resources, especially the source of food supply. Expect wars to break out because of this as we nervously wait for the evident fall of human society with its stupidity.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Consumed By Greed...Controlled By Fear

The basis of all the chaos in the world is greed, plain and simple. The greed for power, the greed for control, the greed for peace, often times masked by the a propaganda of fear leading to the need for security provided by our “friends” who protect us and supervise the “peaceful"  propagation thereof of peace in their own sadistic mellow interpretation of peace...Bull Shit! Sometimes you have to wonder who your “real” friends are and who the “real” nemesis is. Cowering in fear because they say it is...well...kiss my candy ass they do!

The propagation of the fear propaganda has led us to believe that there is an eminent threat to our lives as citizens of the world, mostly rendered by our higher ranking foreign friends that stimulate the dire need for protection against any kind of insurgency. For all we know...they may be the lone source of all the tribulations on our planet! We can be considered as a society brought up by fear and the resulting need thereof security beyond any nations need to instill our social way of freedom by ...democracy? China is a fucking communist country up to this day and America contracts them to make iPhones!

No wonder the Islamic nations hate their enemies because of this sole reason for it! Who is your friend? Who is your enemy? In that famous Tears for Fears song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” states, “so sad they almost made sad they had to ban it”. So why do you think the world is still in tribulation? The answer is so simple...without fear, there will be no reason for security and security comes with a price...and it is not solely limited to money but principle. If not principle, debt of gratitude that may take on the form of compromised governmental policies.

Who rules the world? Your guess is as good as mine but let me clarify one interlude of explanation, at this point of our society, every bit of moment is controlled by the agenda of fear. Fear is brought by a simple reason of controlling general opinion and is greatly influenced by natural or “artificial” situations. Biological and viral outbreaks are not natural occurrences in is purely man made. For reasons of controlling public opinion and making the pharmaceutical conglomerates earn more of the billions of dollars from our own fears.

“An apology for the devil: it must be remembered that we have heard one side of the case. God has written all the books”

The fear propaganda will never work without an enemy to begin with. I bet that the whole world wants to live in peace, but there are other principalities that want to earn from the fear that they impose on this world. Security has now become a commodity amongst developed nations, and are willing to spend billions of dollars just to keep the illusion of security up hand. There is only the inevitable, besides that, nothing else worth fearing. The terms of the reality of life need not be complicated, only be understood. Chaos comes not elsewhere but from ourselves, and to indulge in such artificial interjection of fear from imposed and obvious absurd reasons as terrorism is the most unlikely cause of social demise.

The fear in believing that there is a global threat to our lives is unlikely, and whoever has termed the word “terrorist' is the actual culprit of our fears in the sole purpose of controlling us through the fear of it.

Remember 911...and the Government that made fools of us and the whole world!