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Friday, 21 August 2015

Why Some Products are not Selling On-line?

Some of you by now may have bought an item through an on-line store that sells a lot of different products, and you may have set a decision to buy a particular item but for some apparent reason, chose another product instead. This is a common behavior of most people when deciding to buy something on-line. Most of the time, a consumers buying behavior is influenced by demographic reasons which abruptly changes the buyers decision in going through with their purchase. An on-line seller should be aware of a consumers habit as it is easily influenced primarily by psychological reasons and social preferences. For some reason, a potential customer may not find your product adequate enough for their needs, though it does attract them to it. Social demographics plays a big part on this type of behavior, particularly the middle class who tend to prefer more expensive or branded items. Preferential influences by friends, family members or social groups for that matter, have a big way of influencing or dissuading them to buy a particular item. In order to precisely determine what makes a particular customer buy a certain product, sellers must first find out a little about what a customer thinks about when going on-line to buy things.

Group Influence:

A decision to finally buy a particular product stems from influence, in which is balanced out with the practical needs of a customer. Nowadays, compulsive buying can not capitalize on the compulsiveness of people to just pick out a product because it entices their visual reference. Products today are influenced by the reviews that they get from customers that have bought and tried it out for themselves. This leaves the seller very little choice on the matter and will just have to rely on the product's worth of meeting up with a buyers expectation. Eventually, a product that earns an honest high positive feedback usually is the most salable item that will often influence other potential buyers to buy it too as a result of a positive feedback. General opinion does matter as people want value in what they buy. As a marketing propaganda by sellers that have a poor selling point because of obvious unfavorable reviews on their products, they will usually try to create their own influence group to upset any unfavorable sales effect. Things like offering discount coupons and credit vouchers to influence buyers to reconsider, thus triggering a compulsion to buy the particular product.

The Brand Mentality:

Seriously, brand references have greatly influenced people's buying habits ever since consumer marketing was conceptualized way back in the 1800's. Brand names sit on top of the consumer hierarchy as a basis of quality and durability. A good example would be that of the best vacuum for hardwood floors that despite their long standing reputation, may find competition with newer brands such as these. In todays Internet shopping market place, brand names still hold a strong influence in regards to people's choices over other products. These brand names have built a reputation for themselves even before the influence of the Internet came to be. Obviously, these well known products need not exert too much of an effort to promote their products on-line since they already have a reputation to back them up.

Regional Assessment of Customers Buying Capacity:

One possible reason why a seller's product is not selling in a particular area is because of the social behavioral factors in a certain demographic region. You can never expect to sell the same priced item that you get good sales when you are selling them in a city compared to that of the same priced item in poorer regions. To save yourself the effort, you can just simply pull out your item from that area and focus it in other places that may produce a better sales report for your company. There is no sense to force yourself to find ways in making people buy your products if they do not have the need nor the capacity to afford it in their area. People in such regions find only the basic commodities to be the most important things that they need to think about, as your products barely get their attention. Even if you do manage to make a few sales in this area, it will not even be a substantial amount to maintain any effective promotional marketing strategy and the effort and money that will go into such effort will just go to waste. It is best not to gamble on this kind of situation.

Shipping Convenience:

Probably one of the most influential reasons of why people don't buy from you or your products might be a reason of the convenience of having their purchases delivered to them. The convenience of a delivering system which should answer most customer's question on how fast or how soon can the product that they purchased from you arrive, how much would the custom brokerage and tax duties will they pay cost them or is then seller willing to add that amount of cost to the products delivery. Most of the time, customers back away from a sellers product because of this reasons. People want to get practical answers to practical questions in regards to getting some assurance that the money that they will pay the on-line seller will not be lost in transit in regards to the product that they bought. A seller must provide a very reliable delivery system that take away the inconvenience of taxes and other duties that a buyer will shoulder in order to receive the products that they ordered.

The Price Factor:

Price is always the primary reason why a seller will or will not buy a product especially if there are same products out there that have a similar comparative price range. This can sometimes throw the brand mentality right out of the window, as buyers will compare products from other similar products with varying price ranges that give the same functionality and quality.

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