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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Things To Hate About The Philippines: Filipino Dog Eaters

Despite the advancement of modern day living in this country (Philippines), I still could not understand why there are still Filipinos that indulge themselves in killing dogs just for the sake of cooking the flesh while savoring it as if it was a delicacy. As far as it is very embarrassing to admit, this takes the letter “P” in the word “Pilipino” to a whole new perspective such as “P” for “primitive”. There are a lot of things that you can easily hate about the Philippines without even trying, as some of the most obvious scenarios can be seen once you step out into the streets. But nothing really multiplies my hatred for this backward thinking society as their love for dog meat!

Filipinos have been doing this for God knows how long and it seems that they have never changed a bit. Especially the Ilocanos, who with their so called “Ilocano Pride”, who are the most avid practitioners of killing dogs and eating it despite the efforts of the Philippine government that has already outlawed this primitive and mindless act of animal cruelty. But, as the saying goes, “law makers are also the law breakers” as the effort to stop this very stupid cultural practice that spans the entire Philippine archipelago from north to south. There is really something wrong about the Filipinos, that I can say hands down.

Especially in the provinces in where people gather like the primitives that they are, to kill helpless dogs to cook for their own enjoyment, in which they partake as “hors de'ouvre”. What's more spine chilling is that they even teach their children to eat the cooked dog about utter ignorance. No wonder this country is so messed up. I am not really surprised why Filipinos get into trouble in other countries because of their primal mentality in which is a really funny scenario since karma works in mysterious ways...what goes around, comes around. Dog eaters! Bah humbug!

In a province called Pampanga, there is a small community there that eats cats! Seriously? Cats?! Unfortunately, this is quite true as there are a lot of documented reports concerning this. Why do Filipinos like to do this? That. I can not know as it goes beyond the rationality of the status quo of the life in the Philippines. I would understand if it was a means of survival, but not like this! People in this country kill cats and dogs as casually as they do with other livestock. You should see their dumb faces as they savor the cooked dog meat in their mouth as they drink to their hearts content while singing awful karaoke songs.

People who are genuine pet owners here sometimes discover their dogs missing and would search for them. Unfortunately, to their horror, they would soon discover that their pets were victimized by deadbeats who have eventually killed their pets, to be used as food for a drinking spree on the street corner. Despite humane efforts to reduce this situation, the practice of killing cats and dogs in the Philippines, still continues up to this day, to the dismay of international animalrights activists. It seems that Filipinos will remain what they are for as long as they will not accept changes in the way that they think.

I am a Filipino as well, but I hate this practice of killing dogs for the lamest reason of enjoying feasting on the flesh of dogs and cats. I hope that the natural course of nature will do something about this in the coming future so the practice of killing domesticated pets stop once and for all. And if you come across a Filipino along the way, do the right thing and give them a piece of your mind with regard to this blatant and dreadful practice of eating cats and dogs. Pets are our friends, not our food regardless of any situation.

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