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Friday, 22 August 2014

The Aftermath of a Divorce

Nothing is more compellingly hard to accept than that of an ending to a seemingly blissful union between two people that have sworn to be together for the rest of their lives as they decide to go on their separate ways. It is somewhat of a surreal mix of emotions of anxiety and anticipated longing to be free from each others covenant bow and at the same time be mindful of their obligations for what they will be leaving behind from their former married life. Sometimes it is much more easier for two individuals to just simply overlook such individual short comings just simply for the sake of genuinely loving each other.

Though love should be accepting each others imperfections in all aspects of the word marriage, there are those who fall short from the actual idealism's of the married life. This usually happens further down the road when your ideals slowly turn in to a reason to be stressful in a daily basis. Most relationships are somewhat like a love story conceived to convince you that a relationship is worth a trip down the aisle specially when you see that person as an ideal mate for life that will satisfy all aspects of your self esteem.

The most hardest part in the process of divorce is getting back your life, though this is not simply true. The truth is that in reality you have lost part of your lifetime in a failed marriage. This brings a multitude of issues specially when trying to keep your head up with a smile as you pick up the pieces of your former life. Most people would deal with this head on by trying to enjoy their newly recovered humanity and divulge themselves with the aesthetics of life and the newly found vibrancy that life has to offer.

Yes, there would be times that they will fall on a melancholic moment as it can not be avoided even feeling sorry for themselves sometimes questioning themselves if it was their fault on who's to blame. It does take them sometime to recover from this dreary phase but they do come out well in the end and live normal lives in the end. Giving yourself a reason to enjoy life after a chaotic fall from marriage seems to be a reasonable way of coping if not recover your self esteem back to life. Indulging in social matters and activities can improve a persons outlook on life.

People would like to feel good about themselves after such bouts with divorce, mostly finding ways to improve themselves aesthetically and emotionally. Looking and feeling good about yourself outside can help in the healing process and improve overall social perception from other people who have known what you have gone through. Seeing a big improvement in regards to personal image after a divorce means that you fought a hard fight and emerged defiant and victorious, which will earn you their utter respect.

Any means of improving yourself is not just a way to recover from a bad marriage but also a defiant way to show an estranged spouse that you did not fall to any detrimental misgivings that would make you look like a social outcast lurking in the shadows of disparity. Many people have gone through these trying times and have come out with regret but in the same time wiser in regards to marriage. Moving on is the first hardest step to take and I'm sure that these people had found their individual happiness upon parting ways and have said their goodbyes tearfully as they finally walked away from each other...forever.


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