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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Man Made Technology and it's Origin from Nature

Our World today is changing fast beyond our our wildest dreams. We have reached new heights on the level of Science and Technology with an astonishing pace. We owe it all to our selves for attaining such marvelous achievements in regards to improving the Society that we had founded since the time that we learn to make use of fire.

For the past 100 years, we had seen how drastically we had sought to improve every aspect of human life around us. We have created magnificent edifices that culminate our glorious exuberance. We went faster than the speed of sound, have escaped the clutches of gravity and have ultimately reached the fringe stellar boundaries of the Moon itself! It seems that the possibilities are endless.

We always had, as a specie, an amazing way to overcome all sorts of adversities that stand in the way of our progress beyond our limitation and capacity to which through able thinking, could always devise ways and means in dealing such obstacles. The Human mind is such a fascinating mystery as it can conjure solutions as instinctively as to adapt to its environment and when put in a position to make decisions in regards to survival and self preservation, the Human mind is the only reason that we have gotten this far in regards to our evolution as a specie.

We, among all of the other species that thrive on this Earth, are the only ones that are endowed with the ability to think beyond our primal instinct and from this ability we had created technology that is way too far to be conceived and achieved by other similar groups of species. We are categorized as belonging to the family of “The Great Apes”. Included in this family are the Gorilla, the Orangutans, the Chimpanzee and us, the Human beings.

Within this group, we share 90 percent of all anatomical and behavioral characteristics that just goes to prove that we are indeed related to each other, although for centuries now, scientists are still trying to find a common denominator to link our distant relatives with a genetically evolutionary explanation which up to this day has no definite acceptable answer. We might have evolved differently from our Ape relatives in terms of anatomy but we differ with our way of thinking and intellect.

Man had ascended on top of the hierarchy of being the most predominant creature on this Earth, not because of a superb physiological ability to adapt to its environment but because of his ability to create a system in which he can maintain a indefinite place in the cycle of life through the technology that he created for himself and for no other reason beyond that. Despite of this Man still remains as fragile as the day he started to learn to walk upright on his own two feet.

True to the sense that we, as a species, have developed means of defying the numerous laws of nature and its many facets. Still, we have many things that even our technology can not resolve including the adept intuition of occurrences that most animals have a keen sense of knowing it. It may be irrelevant at this point to concede to complacency and rely solely to the knowledge that we posses that had preserved our way of life on this planet.

Most animals on the other hand have a strong sense of intuition that has helped them survive most of the time through natural genetic instincts. A good example for this are the aviary species of Birds that migrate across vast distances due to the changing of the seasons in order to escape the clutches of a frigid death bought on by the onset of Winter. What is really amazing is the manner in how they migrate to more temperate climates in order to maintain the survivability of their species, specifically considering on how the manage to navigate long distances and not getting lost without using any form of visual markings but instead only using the magnetic field of the Earth!

There are also other species of animals that can detect natural impending dangers such as storms or earthquakes even before they occur. Others, such as Bears, can sleep through a long winter through hibernation which helps them survive the icy cold winter and emerge thereafter. Thinking of this, one can not help but wonder if we as Human beings are truly the most predominant in all of creation? Man made technology is not in any way “unnatural” with the way of Nature! Impossible you say? I beg to differ.

Everything in the realm of Nature is natural by origin including the technology that we brought on to this world, why you ask? Simply put that Man has evolved from Nature itself and obviously all things that have come from nature are natural in origin, including the technology that we made for our selves. It was natural for us to evolve out from our primal beginnings and was only natural to develop technology for our own survival, hence, Man made technology is a natural occurrence in Nature.

“If this concept of Natural Technological Evolution is true, then why is the whole World going out of control because of us?'

Good point! There was a point in our evolution and conception of how we should define the use of the technology that we created to help ourselves live our lives to the best of what we can do for the most of what we can do for each others benefit, however, in the midst of our haste in developing beneficial technology for general use, we accidentally stumbled upon the dark side of the technology that we created.

Atomic energy and Synthetic chemical compounds are just a few things that were accidentally discovered that in the first early concept of its infancy were thought to bring about a drastic change to our lives for the better. Unfortunately, we misused these as weapons that eventually became an eminent threat for our survival as a species. Sad to think that the same technology that we created could possibly be the last and ultimate reason for our demise!

Though it is a frightening thought, there is still hope and it comes from those individuals who advocate a more peaceful and natural means to ensure our survival on this planet by means of quantifying deductible and logical reasons slowly changing to a more viable means of natural living. Advocates of Natural Healthy Living recommend that we should slow down in technological development because we already have much more than enough to support our society and any more added, sometimes non-essential technology could be the prime devastating factor that may destroy the social structure of our society.

It could be rightfully called “The Green Revolution”. Since its conception in the early 1960's people had been advocating this for too many a good reason because it will decide on our species survival for the next thousand years. This advocacy is about returning to the threshold of Nature and renew our point of view on how we would deal with all the technological mistakes that as of now are slowly emerging as a global problem.

We must have a clear mind in implementing this and a choice to abandon all unnecessary social conveniences which we had come to rely on. A first step is in the way we eat, which for some obvious reasons contribute as a general health problem in our society today. Our unmindful diet intake decides our health status and forgoing health condition and ample care should be put in mind while considering this. 

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