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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Alone: The Social Tragedy of Loneliness

Some people may find solitude a comforting state to spend their entire life, avoiding the unnecessary inconveniences that mingling with other individuals in a daily basis can be considered a nuisance. There are people who prefer to be alone and don't want to be involved in social practices that can be considered irrelevant in life, mostly living an introverted point of view that satisfies their self esteem, but all the more so, improves their capacity to think more clearly that leads to better decision making. Introverts are people who mainly live a solitary world of identifying themselves with the blissful existence of living inside their own state of mind, detached from the chaotic chasms of life's somewhat and often times, absurd profanities.

Introverts are mostly individuals that have come into terms with the reality of life and the truthfulness of social awareness and implicated adherence to social order. Going about one's daily tasks without the cumbersome intangible idiocy of some people that can be considered a liability in ones pursuit of a peaceful and stress free daily existence is more than what people with this kind of mental aptitude prefer. Mostly creative logical thinkers, introverts seldom “come out and play” despite being sociably coherent amongst their circle of acquaintances, work wise. They are the kind of individuals who find pleasure in being alone and prefer to be that way, spending most of their time dwelling on work.

Though stereotypically being designated as “geeks”, not all aspect of introversion can be addressed as such, most of the time. Regardless of such social branding, introverts are one of the most socially active people in the world, involving themselves in social media. Not to be given the wrong aspect of social description, introverts are more comfortable in dealing with society at a distance, not getting themselves attached to any aspect of ideologies or advocacies besides their own. Loneliness is a comfort zone to some but for others, it is a torment that can lead to mental anguish in the sense of borderline insanity.

The human specie is a social organism that tends to exist with the need for longing and attention. |It is a fact that has existed since our conception in this world. The need to be with someone seems to be the most insatiable instinctive drive on our psychological aspects as human beings that we give it more importance than all other social values. The natural comforting need to mingle among others is a natural instinct directly attributed to social propagation. The human need to eventually interact and divulge in society can not be disregarded as it is built in our genes. Despite all other social deviations founded on norms and morality, ideologies and social conditionings, we, as humans need other humans to satisfy our needs and urges, amongst ourselves.

The human touch is a very fascinating principle that involves the basic need to reach out and make physical contact to an individual. Regardless of any gender, age or diversified social inclinations, we long to be touched, in more ways than one. A good example would that be between a man and a woman, that involve the basic principle of touch. Despite any social implications of norms and practices, touching indicates longing or wanting as it is a motivational body language that yearns desire. A woman who gently puts her hand behind a man's back and gives it a gentle stroke is a clear sign of desire, despite age and social standings. It is viewed more as a sign of sexual want and is a natural instinct for both sexes.

Another aspect of social perspective in the light of this is the fear of solitude. Most people struggle for most of their lives try to fit into society and the need to gain respect from others. Delving into social acceptance for most of their lives, these individuals are the extroverts. Living a mostly hedonistic way of life that involve in the pursue of worldly pleasures. A good example of this would be that of former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman, who adheres to this kind of lifestyle. Oftentimes associated with opulence, hedonists are the real party animals.

The stark comparison can be considerably incremental to put conclusion between introverts and extroverts, as to put a generalization between the two. Leaving us to think for ourselves on who truly is the most lonely one considering all of these rational evaluations. Loneliness is one of the most frustrating sates of human mentality one could deal with. It is often times a factor that leads to depression that can imbalance the brain, leading to mental deterioration. The need to want and the want to need go together hand in hand in completing the human psyche as loneliness is a psychological disorder.

This reminds me of that old song from the group “America”, entitled, “Lonely People”, which goes with the line...”look at all the lonely people...thinking that life has passed them by”. A more apt word would that be of contentedness in your human existence. Asking for something that society would not give you for your own satisfaction is indeed a lonely thought even though you have come to a resolute acceptance that you are deemed to stay alone for the remaining of your entire life. It is a sad thought to ponder upon, indeed, Though happiness should never be this complicated from the start. It was us that has put the complications in life.

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