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Saturday, 6 January 2018

2018: Where Do We Go From Here?

It's the beginning of a new year again and most of us would like to start out the year full of optimism and hope so that we could at least please ourselves with things that we can achieve for our personal greater good. Yes, starting out the year (again, as the same as every other year that did), Most of us are looking forward to a year filled with good things ahead, well, not for other people, but certainly things that would give us an advantage over others. It's really not strange to think that we as people prefer to avoid anything that would make us feel irrelevant in this society that we live in, which in most cases, we tend to create a comfort zone that can be compared to an impenetrable fortress, steadfast and unbreachable.

 Our optimism could be the only thing that keeps us waking up in the morning, unless we are actually forced to do so since we have very little options left to comply on a day to day basis, meaning we are actually slaves of our wants and needs that we have to get up and go to work to earn our keep. But if you really think about it,  it just turns out that we are just existing for the sake of existence and not really living.

Frankly, it is a mundane and monotonous way of realizing that by the time we get to our twilight years, we are faced with a reality of knowing that there is nothing more left but to live in our glorious past in order to live our remaining days as people with an unclear purpose.To give people a straightforward insight to what human life is about, means justifying our decisions and the effects of those decissions we made, be that bad, mediocre or good. Sadly, our thrive to improve our society has been futile and the more we try to move forward with life using all ingenious methods of logic and creativity, we on the other hand destroy a part of our selves along with the nature of our humanity.

Wars are still as eminent, the threat of hunger still looms, nations are still coping with trying to gain advantages over one another which leaves the question of why are we still struggling to findd solutions to our problems as a society. To the point of view of a realist, things are rather falling to the worse rather than for the better. The weather is not improving, that's the ruth. The worst things could happen anytime soon as well. The threat of nuclear war is and always will be an imminent threat to our exsistance even thought most of the western world has reduced its armaments ever since the early part of the 1980's till the early 1990's, yet nuclear threat is still a fact of human life. The worst part is yet to come, especially when those G.M.O. crops and animal meat products ate now a part of the global market. Vaccines nowadays are doing more harm than good as if there was a carefully planned conspiracy to eradicate half of the human population of this planet by the new world order, or am I just being too paranoid?

Whatever the world governments are planning, one could not help think about the value, the real value of human life, as if human beings are just part of a biological food chain. Just think about it, we thrive in a system that actually eats us up in the end and the end consumer that reaps all the advantages are the ones that control our lives in a contrived system. We work to live and we die trying to live that life. Sometimes you can not help but think of all your struggles and perseverance is really worth the effort thinking that you can't fully appreciate the life you live. Thankfully, there is death...which gives life its final a solution. I mean seriously? Would you really think that this life is filled with rainbow colored promises and candy coated  dreams that really come true? Life is like a roller coaster ride filled with thrills and shrills, lights that clicked and give you an illusion of happiness. And after you get old it, you tend to fall back in line, waiting for another turn, because it enthrills you, satisfying every inch of your expectation...but its just a ride.

For most of us, and I do believe many are already spiralling down that same deep, endless abyss of dillusion. Never minding what's at the end of their long fall, as long as they are enjoying the thrill of their existence, and never looking around to see why they are falling as long as they feel that euphoric sensation engulfing their souls. Every thrilling amusement theme park ride has its end, and there are only two things to consider how humanity ends itself...either they crash...they burn or both.

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