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Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Subtle Whoring Of The Filipino Writer (Ang Pag-Puputa Ng Pilipinong Manunulat)

Filipino writers are among the best of the best all over the world when it comes to flair and passion regarding writing. Unfortunately, scarcity and a poor government who fails in every minimal aspect of taking care of the welfare of its citizens are among the primary reasons in why we, as Filipino writers, engage in the futile search for a meager wage based on our writing skills. The Philippine government has miserably failed in solving all of its economical problems due to the fact that it doesn't do any tangible and credible efforts to address the antiquated problem of education, poverty and corruption of government.

The Philippine government has been sold to foreign principals ever since the United States had brought the rights of colonization from Spain in the late 1890's and as of today, is still the same state as it was then, scrounging for respect from our “masters”. Which puts me back to the main concern of the Filipino writer's plight of having to embarrassingly accept pennies and dimes from arduous writing obligations from principals all over the world. As writers, we are among the top best country with a high degree of English competency in the whole Asian region. We can read and write English, far more better than any of our Asian counter parts even though we are openly treated as slaves in more ways than one.

         (One of my favorite authors who conceptualized "sex, drugs and writing"...William S. Burroughs. The author of "Naked Lunch")

The global accessibility of the Internet has eventually led to further diversify the opportunities of earning added income to those who posses the adept skills in real writing. Unfortunately, honest writers, and I do mean many of them get short changed in regards to the right amount of compensation that should be given to those who truly deserve it in regards to their skills. There is even the frequent intentional misdemeanor of the employers part of making petty reasons not to pay the lowly author as to completely deplete any form of trust regarding such writing endeavors. There are no assurances of any security protecting the Filipino writer from this sort of discrepancy as it is just taken as a social reality that no matter how good you are in what you do, job wise, there is an 80% chance that you will be abandoned after you had done a good job.

Employers who seek out Filipino writers must at least reconsider our plight midst this dwindling morality that is being corroded by utter poverty. We want to earn as badly as the next person who would want to earn an honest day's keep, and we are even willing to do it well beyond the reasonable indicated rate for wages just as long that they be honest about the job that they offer to all Filipino writers. Filipinos are very honest and sincere towards their work and even go an extra mile beyond the responsibility of the job needed just to prove our faithfulness in our mutual respect for our employers.

Another annoying subject is that of those posing as legitimate employers from India and Pakistan, who ask for samples of original writing articles as they will first evaluate it for Copyscape, and then eventually fade off into the darkness, leaving the dumb witted and over trusting Filipino writer wondering what ever happened, as all is too late to realize the truth that his or her article has already been used by the so called employer. We have no way of controlling such matters of employment and it is only by chance that you be so fortunate to encounter an honest employer who will fully fulfill their obligations as honestly as they can. Some lame reasons that I have encountered employers saying that their business is not going so well and that funds can not be provided to pay for services rendered.

On-line writing is a very fulfilling endeavor if your efforts come to fruit in regards to giving informative perspective to the article that you write. Writing is not a lucrative undertaking and will not suffice you financially contrary to all the advertising that you come across the Internet stating otherwise. Be very careful in dealing with employers who are not willing to cross the threshold of trust. Write with your heart and mind first before writing for any other principles other than the truth of the reality of life as money and financial gain can derail you from your divine principles as a writer.

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