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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Of Apes And Men...The Way We Are

Fear is one of the traits that control any living organism and it is fear and inadequacy within its environment that stimulates its need for self preservation. Living organisms are genetically inclined to survive and they automatically veer away from things that may be a threat for their existence. Humans have that same fear amongst themselves and it is this fear that triggers a paranoiac tendency to retaliate against one another regardless of any rational reason bearing any thought of to what it is. It may be rooted from the source of our ancestors...the apes.

Apes have this uncanny habit of looking at each other and leaving a bad impression on their fellow apes that it often ends up in a fight. It is often called “The Bad Monkey Look”, and as the term suggests it, apparently is a predominant trait amongst the great apes including humans. As a specie, we are so egoistic and take pride in what we achieved and done for our own self improvement but that can not be a valid reason to justify such a negatively enforced trait. We hate competition even amongst ourselves that we end up plotting means to eradicate competition as to emerge as a dominant and controlling entity. Leaving it to the predominant specie to take all pertinent resources to ensure its survival.

Despite of this undeniable truth in which we exist, there are still those who believe that this chaotic way of life is just an evolutionary stage in which our society is going through and that the final understanding of what our purpose in life is still in the process of being unlocked in the deepest recesses of our minds. It maybe just a question of acceptance and outlook of how we perceive life all around us and that the complications of this society that we exist upon based on the conveniences that we created to favor us.

Our true biological purpose in this world is to populate it and consume it's natural resources, quite true, but the way that human beings go through about life is such a frightening manner. Compared to other living organisms, we as a species are the only ones that leave a trail of destruction while slowly ravaging the very resources that can sustain our lives. Unlike animals that only take what is proportionally permitted in nature, we on the other hand consume more than what is needed and at the same time dilute our selves with our own residual filth caused by our intentional defiance of nature's divine purpose.

For millions of years even before the emergence of human beings, animals have populated the world without much complication as far as nature was concerned. Naturally living out their lives as intended by instinct dictated them without making not as much of any detrimental unbalance to it's natural surroundings. As far as nature was concerned, nothing can be far ideal than this. Then we came in the world strutting out our egoistic ideologies that drastically changed every imaginable concept of life contrary to its natural precepts.

Since then, life as we know it continued to flourish up to this day to favor our own convenience despite the growing threat of unbalancing the natural cycle of nature which is now clearly being manifested by drastic climate change. Despite the undeniable truth, we still remain remorsefully defiant thinking that we can never be undaunted by such unimportant things that do not concern our own personal conveniences regarding our way of life. Unfortunately nature can never be defied. Human beings have no hold when it comes to the seemingly naive thought that it can in some ways control or go against the natural balance of life despite all the compendium knowledge that man has achieved.

It is now coming out of the clear that we are anomalous to nature as we don't live by the natural guidelines that it intended us to dwell within its natural confines. Continuing to live with a blinded idealistic fervor might lead to the demise of the human species as nature can easily eject us from its own system. Just like when the body ejects foreign substances that knows can be harmful to it's biological system. It is just a matter of humanity making its next step with its dance against nature, to make a fatal step will end the dance in a chaotic reality for us.

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