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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Bloggys 2015 Awards Night

So, attending an awards night means that you are worthy of what you do, and with regards to writing a blog, means that you have caught the attention of people around the world that read your post. Although is not your average blog, as it firmly believes in bringing the truth to what is really happening in society, particularly here in the Philippines. Truth is, writing has always been a passion for me, but not as stimulating as telling the truth without candy coated words.

Being nominated and making it to the final presentation is an honor, though it seems like a surreal dream of sorts since I have a pessimistic opinion when it comes to adulating this damned and doomed country (The Philippines). What surprises me is that the award giving body of Bloggys 2015 scrutinizes every blog that is nominated for the awards night, yet I still wonder why in the world would they give my blog a fighting chance to compete?

Then again, I still thank the award giving body of Bloggys 2015 for including my blog, even though it bashes Filipino bloggers for the sole purpose of giving them a second opinion of what and why they are writing it to impress other nations with regard to our skills as Filipino writers? Or is it to attract more employers for outsourcing purposes?

Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure, being a blogger, an on-line writer, a call center agent, or any outsourcing employee, it brings out the best, or in my case as a writer, the worst of what the human intellect can offer to the world.

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