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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Blog Awards: How To Create Social Media Zombies

How do Governments control society? Well, there are certain means of doing that, besides the more obvious reasons such as absurd tax policies, economic control, fear propaganda and all other sort of mind redirecting methods that induce a varied public opinion of the status quo. Unfortunately, World Governments have been utilizing the most simple form of mind control ever conjured by a society that has only one thing in it's devious and dubious mind...Entertainment and Mass Media.

Entertainment and mass media has been around since ancient times, a means of relieving society's angst with regard on why life in this world falls short from our ideal expectations, despite assurances from governments that they are doing the best with regards to looking after their citizen's welfare...yeah right.

Entertainment and Social Media, particularly the Internet is nothing more than a subtle means of controlling our general opinion on what is really happening to the world today. Quite frankly, I am really surprised to find out that society has grown more stupid in light with the dawn of the Internet.

Especially here in the Philippines, where these so called “Well known Bloggers” have decided to establish themselves as the best that they could be when it comes to imparting their thoughts to the world, when in truth, it is nothing more than an act of self-indulged debauchery on their part as writers!

Have you ever read these blogs that these so-called “Top Filipino Bloggers” write about? Senseless and irrelevant since all they write about is their feel-good psychotic delusions on how they would like people to look at the world in their point of view.

I must admit, Filipino Bloggers are the best in the world...the best slaves that is...It's so obvious that they write to impress foreigners who for the past decade or so are all outsourcing Filipino writers to write for them. Filipino writers are not real writers...they are social media zombies that follow their slave masters every command.

Sad to say that the true unadulterated essence of literature has been reduced to a "tabloid-like" state, veering away from a more truthful and respectful representation of what a Filipino writer is capable of conjuring up with regard to writing.

Most writers these days just write about things that will attract people who view the Internet as a "legitimate" source of daily information, but in truth, Filipino writers are forced to conform to what they think people would want to read in the Internet.

Of course I believe that the Filipino writer is up to par with the world's best when it comes to writing as we have a vivid way of putting our thoughts through words, but instead of telling the truth as it is, we are forced to put a little bit of exaggeration to our words...just to please our foreign employers.

Another thing that bothers me is that not all Filipinos know what they are reading when they open up a blog page. Do you honestly believe that the general population of the Philippines has a convenient means to access the Internet? Do you fervently believe that the general population of this country has the intellectual means of understanding the message that we are trying to impart as writers? 

Chances are that only a few people in this society will be able to read the articles that you are writing, and that is only limited to those who belong to the lower and upper middle class of this society which had the privilege of acquiring a decent education. Hence, it may be a bit useless and frustrating on our parts as writers to define our thoughts when we know that the general masses of this country won't even have the slightest idea of what we are trying to impart through our writings.

Do these Filipino Bloggers really know what foreigners think about Filipinos and the Philippines as a whole? Monkey slaves and pompous braggarts...and that is not meant to insult my fellow Filipino writers, as I my self have been victim to such racist "puns" by my former employers. 

In the end, we as outsourced employees are forced to take in writing jobs at an unbelievably low rate, having to spend 40 hours or more just to please our employers, ready to dish out their best writing talents in exchange for breadcrumbs. The Bloggys 2015 Blog Awards is nothing more than a farce, which celebrates the indolence of the lesser Filipino writer's hunger for international acclaim. 

You can thank this stupid Philippine government for that, as it allowed it's citizens to be sold at the expense of their own miserable existence, in which case thinking that they will be recognized for their writing talents...But in reality...they are just foot soldiers...another cog on a gear.

Blog Awards?...For what?..And for whom? 

Oh...By the Way before I forget...Here is the official Media kit of The 2015 Bloggys Awards Night so you can get an idea of who's earning from whom and it seems like there is always an agenda which focuses on a vested interest, HAPPY BLOGGING!

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