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Monday, 8 September 2014

Returning to Nature

Today's modern way of existence is usually meant to provide us with the most comfort and convenience for us to easily accomplish our day to day endeavours. To most people who had gotten used to the fast pace of life in our society, things can never be more comforting and easy in all aspects of living out their ideals based upon social necessity. But for some, the complexities of having to struggle with this kind of living seems to be a little as some have even given up on the simplest way of relying on modern day technology and just simply gave it all up. As a result, they even decided to leave everything behind to start life anew, moving out from the comforting and chaotic civilized life that they once indulged in and settled on the fringes of the back country, where nature is the closest thing to living out a natural way of life.

Is it that easy to just stand up and walk away from everything that modern day technology has to offer with regard to the convenience that it has given us? Can we really survive without the comforts and convenience that society offers in exchange to just living out our life how nature intended us to be? Our social existence dictates that we should improve our way of life as modern day technology is the key to making sure that our civilization will prevail just as long as we use our common collective knowledge in finding ways to hurdle every obstacle that we face regarding our struggles as a specie. To some people these struggles were the reasons why they gave up on all the modern day conveniences that once gave them the comforts that they yearned in life, but since every form of convenience in this society has a compromised price, they seem to have grown tired of having to cope up with paying that price.

Modern day society is filled with obligations and the chaos of having to conform to these aspects can be so overwhelming at times that you sometimes feel the burden of the whole world resting on your shoulders. Giving up on this life that we had grown accustomed to would bring on many changes on our part, primarily the use of modern day technology such as cellphones and computers. Some have adapted to these changes that they decidedly would live it for the rest of their remaining days and enjoy the comforts of nature without the burden of any social obligations such as taxes, queuing in line in a bank, making a frantic trip to the groceries for supplies and all the other social conformities that will tie you down to a system of life that only gives you a temporary sense of security and comfort. 

For people who had decided to live the rest of their life in the fringes of mother nature, adjusting to this type of living with nature was not that easy at first as they had to do away with the comforts of everything that they were used to. For people who had chosen this lifestyle, making a trip to the nearest grocery is no longer necessary as all they need to do is pick up their bow and arrow and hunt for their next meal. Come to think of it, isn't this the way how the early settlers lived out their lives during the olden days? Was it not how our modern day society came to be? If it was how our society evolved from then it is probably only natural for us to go back to that kind of social existence where in to only natural way to fend for ourselves is to find our rightful place in nature itself. 

Unfortunately, this kind of life is not made for everybody since not everyone is willing to just simply give up on all the convenience that this society has to offer along with all the hard work that they had put in just to conform with all the social obligations that has given them the comforts of life as they know it. But it is a very good thought to ponder upon as we do need something to fall back into just in case our society starts to breakdown from all the turmoils that it is presently facing with regard to trying to keep everything under control. If things should turn out the other way around, Mother Nature will always be there to help us start life anew.

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