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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Marriage Blues

One thing that always comes to mind when we are confronted with a seemingly simple question that demands a more or less complicated answer is if "Love" is a tangible human emotion or if it is just a primal instinct? Due to the fact that this feeling that we so fondly called "Love" is the sole principle of our human existence and should be considered a viable reason in thinking that it is so. Another side of opinion suggests that "Love" is nothing more than just a primal instinct that has been embedded in our genealogy for the sole purpose of self preservation and propagation.

Our social evolution might have a little or great influence in putting a stereotypical description to what "Love" is or should be and has been the basis of our understanding and acknowledgement. Greatly influenced by our emotional and psychological yearning as it became a part of our basic needs as a specie. In regards to the story about falling in love, it can be so noted that the perception of most individuals was more on the ironies and regret after a seemingly short time that they enjoyed each others company of their marriage which only lasted a measly 6 months. At the start of a relationship, it was quite astounding to hear other people's personal thoughts on how they perceived feelings for their spouses and how most of us who understand the emotional ongoing of the heart as it defies the logic of the mind when it comes to this sort of thing.

"Falling Out of Love Story"

Some people will be very quick in implying that love is not enough to assure that a marriage would indeed stay in its pristine existence. In a sense of truthfulness to the matter at hand, it may be quite true depending on the acceptance of the general truth. However, on such an opinionated matter, it is all a matter of accepting how the truth would serve favorably to those who seek solace to its validity. To the some people's point of view, love "was" not enough as personal differences between a husband and his wife  soon emerged after being together for just roughly six months. The vivid description of how the most marriage counselors described men's "longing and yearning" for women was a typical romantic passage from a novel but unfortunately most novels that deal with such romantic fervour are just plain idealistic gratification for the authors own zestful gratification, unfortunately, the ironic truth to life's delusional precepts emerge.

"Many Different People's Perspective of Being in Love"

Regardless of cultural boundaries and beliefs, the concept of "Love and Affection "is a commonality among different cultural enclaves and social demographics. As the author describes, people have very varied opinions when it comes to defining a clear path towards a successful married relationship with their spouses. Sociologists and marriage counselors quick to state that the average time that a marriage would start to loose its glitter and appeal was about six months to two years and that these couples would soon find themselves seeking counselling. Unfortunately, most people never mentioned acceptance and understanding as a motivational factor to attempt to amend a fizzling marital relationship. It seems like the easiest way out of a relationship is divorce, and to think that the author is also a premarital counselor. The convenience of divorce might be one of the factors that motivate couples to consider this sort of method as an easy way out and they tend to overlook possibilities of trying to resolve critical situations such as this.

"A Young Man's Delusion of Being Ready for Marriage"

Young people always have the pretentious tendencies to be so idealistic when it comes to marriage that they inevitably believe that they can control the varying odds to their favour in making their marriage work. Blind idealism's always tend to do more damage in the long run for people that get married all for the wrong idealistic reasons. Even the best planned marriages fail at a point despite careful planning and thorough premarital counselling. Sometimes, it is best not to plan at all, as it seems to work out fine for most couples that did not even thought that they would end with their life long partners and had managed to do absolutely fine.

"Analogy of Falling in Love"

To freely be given a choice on how I would define Love in a comparative meaning, that will be... "Falling in love is like jumping a thousand feet off an aeroplane, over the ocean, without a parachute, and not being sure if you would survive the impact in the water". Quiet true as the relationship between a man and a woman at the earliest part of their relationship is quite a "euphoric" sensation that it blinds the mind from any form of logical reasoning concerning their ability to foresee impending possibilities that might end in an inevitable parting of ways. Though most of the times relationships sometimes come around the bend of a certain problem evidently created by either one.

"Reality of Marriage After Falling in Love Fades"

No one wants their marriage to end as if it was not even worth saving, but regretfully, some relationships do fall apart. The inevitable decision to part ways seems like the final option as to save ones sanity to the beleaguering thought of living each day with the company of the person that you once thought of as the most ideal individual that you could spend the entirety of your life, to have and to hold. Divorce is the final severity that many consider, would give them a sense of continuing life, an extra baggage less the burdening weight that they had to carry for the whole duration of their failed marriage. Though it is a sad though that a relationship should end this way, it is admissibly humane as to go on their separate ways in order to find a brand new lease on their lives and to ultimately find their individual happiness. It is more agonizing to keep on trying to patch things up, but this only aggravates the situation.

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