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Friday, 22 August 2014

Natural Food Supplements

It has come to past that the emergence of Natural Organic Health Supplements is gaining wide public acceptance due to the fact that it has a more potent efficacy, more natural metabolic physiological effects on the body that can not be stipulated by artificial chemical compounds and no side effects. The truth is that chemically based synthesized products have faster pharmaceutical effects of stimulating the right hormones to produce enzymes that trigger the body to utilize it for healing itself.    
                                                                                                  That is the truth of how pharmaceutical and other orally induced products including food affects the total performance of the whole human body through release of hormonal enzymes that trigger the metabolism of organs to produce the desired effect. Another truth is the dark side of it, as these chemicals that are chemically produced can evidently damage your vital systemic organs!

                                                                                                 Do you honestly think that doctors and health professionals recommend (mostly all of the time) taking medicines "after" each meal, or on a full stomach to enhance efficacy and potency and I'm just talking about medicinal pharmaceutical products such as antibiotics and likely medicines related to that classification. The reason why they recommend this that By manufacturing nature they are "chemicals" that try to simulate natural compounds to stimulate hormones that releases enzymes that the body needs for any purported healing process.

They recommend this because food neutralizes gastric acid so that the chemical compound of the medicine that you have ingested would not be destroyed before releasing its potency and efficacy. Further more an adverse reaction occurs when these chemicals come in contact with the gastric juices of the stomach. Empty stomach intake of medicinal drugs cause gastric ulcers damage the linings of the stomach due to thinning of the stomach walls.

This is a big problem for hyper acidic individuals who frequently take medicines. Prolonged intake causes this in a  damaging nature. In the long run this does more harm than good and has been a issue since its conception. Now in a more optimistic side of this issue, Natural Organic Health Supplements offer no such harmful effect compared to its chemical counter part and is naturally accepted by the body.

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