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Friday, 22 August 2014

Lenddo On-Line Scam

This guy blogged this article stating his disgust with Lenddo and I'm just pissed off as well as Lenddo exploits peoples dire need for money and uses our social networking connection for their (Lenddo) own benefit in where they use people's social networking connection to improve their own SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Here is Lendo Suck's blog dated November 1, 2012 as it goes that could be found at

I was introduced to Lenddo mid-2012 and I liked the idea of a social network dealing with financial matters. From the introduction – and testimonials – it looks like that you can get a loan just by being a member and connecting your lenddo account to your social network. Sound like  a great idea. Right?
Nope. Don’t be fooled. I joined it and connected my social networks. I reached up to 460 points after doing all their recommended activities. As per their website, that should be enough to secure a loan. Now after several months of being a quiet member, I suddenly need cash and of course Lenddo seems like a viable option. So I filled up the credit application form and applied for a loan.

Processing is fast. It took just a day and guess what I got- Loan Denied!
Why – you may ask? They say because my Lenddo point is too low. So I checked my account and indeed suddenly my point was lowered to 399 – below the 400 that is required to get a loan. The curious thing is why it suddenly dropped from 460 to 399 – same day that I applied for a loan!

I made the sensible thing to do and tried to deactivate my account. But guess again, I cannot remove the authorization I gave for my social network access. Their support team told me that they are the only one who remove the authorization access.
Up to now I still don’t know if the access was removed.
So people beware – don’t waste your time with Lenddo.

There is no “real” thing called on-line loans, tulad ng Lenddo. Alam nyo ba kung sino talaga ang kumikita? Ang lenddo at iba pang mga on-line companies na nagpapautang “kuno” ay talagang nagiipon lang ng mga connections para mag build up ng SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at sila ay kumikita sa pamamagitan ng pag benta ng mga “backlinks” sa ibang mga gustong mag pataas ng kanilang SEO rankings. Paano ko nalaman? Eh, ito ay trabaho ko! Propaganda lang ang mga ng popost na pinautang sila at maganda daw kuno ang serbisyo ng Lenddo...Bulas! Ang minimum qualification sa credit points nila ay 300 points. Kahit na umabot ka pa ng 500 eh kindi ka makakautang dahil nakuha na nila ang nais nila, at iyon and mga contacts nyo sa social networks na ginagawa nilang links para tumaas ang SEO rank and score nila, plain and simple. Parang Royale Business din ito...Raket! 
Kung uutang man kayo, eh sa tao na lang. At least pag tao pera lang at interest ang kapalit.

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