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Friday, 22 August 2014

A Labor of Love: The True Essence of a Social Worker

If there was a corresponding description to the terminology “a labor of love”, that will justly imply to any undertaking in this society, that will be a fitting manner on how to describe a social worker. Social workers are individuals who work for the government that are given the most arduous task of tending to the most obvious problems of what a society is undergoing in terms of poverty and desolation which is more implicative of the problems of the poorest of the poor which are mostly indigents.

Some of the most obvious problems that asocial worker must tackle is related to society's struggle with issues regarding physical and mental illnesses, alcohol and drug addiction. What does it take to become a social worker? Is it a line of work that can be taught in school? The answer is no, as most social workers are not obligated to learn any special skills except that of knowing how society affects the lives of people and a sensitivity to the problems that surround us that influences our decisions of dealing with life's problems.

Social workers tend to be more sensitive in regards to hearing out people's problems as they should be good listeners as well. People who choose to become social workers should be very keen in pointing out the causes of problems as it would help them find a solution to it in the most sensible manner as it should benefit the people that they are helping. To become a social worker, you need to know the most important requirements that will earn you your accreditation as it is a very demanding form of work that can get the best of you on the end of the day.

But despite the obvious difficulties that this line of work would demand from you, it is still one of the most fulfilling occupations that a person could have as you get a chance to help other people with their problems and with helping them overcome certain obstacles in their lives, as to improve the quality and substance of the life that they have, which they have the potential to achieve.

Most social workers are college degree holders who have studied psychology, sociology or other related courses that deals with social and human behavioral sciences. A four year college degree usually is sufficient enough to make you qualify for the job. In the United States, a social worker require to pass an examination in order to avail of a license to practice. In general, all social workers are under the jurisdiction of the local government of the city in which they serve. The primary job description of a social worker is to mitigate in between the government and the individuals who are not capable of coping up with social problems such as poverty. A social worker is usually called upon the request of concerned individuals to look into certain problems which basically concern other people.

Social worker are usually the ones that go to the most indigent in society to evaluate their living conditions, especially is they tend to have children or elderly people among them that do not get the right amount of welfare service that the government provides. They are also concerned with child welfare and act upon what they evaluate to make assessments on how to best deal with certain situations in where people who should look after their children or elderly, fail to comply with the basic requirements that the government has set upon.

There are often times that children are taken away from their parents in which the government looks after the vested interest of the children in the event the parents can no longer support them. In the case of elderly people that are living without any companions with them, social workers are the ones that look after for their own sake and evaluate the best course of action that can be taken so that these elderly people can live the rest of their remaining years in which the government will look after their welfare.

It might seem just like a simple line of work, but there are times that a social worker must in one way or the other, risk their safety in order to comply with their duty in carrying out their duty to ensure the welfare of the people around them. There are times that a social worker must interact and cope with the needs of people with mental disabilities that need medical attention, especially if these people were already abandoned by those who should be taking care of them. There are even times when a social worker has to deal with people who are drug dependents, which may even put a social workers life at risk as people who have a history of substance abuse tend to become violent at certain times.

Social workers often find themselves in the middle of a family conflict in which most of the time they try to sort it out using the best of what they can advise on which proper solution a family must do to resolve their conflicting problems. Despite the hardships that this sort of job can offer, many still go on to become social workers as many of them find a sort of gratification in times of being able to help people overcome their problems. Social workers are some of the most broadminded people that work under pressure from the daily problems that other people face in regards to the lives that they live. For some people, they rather choose to become accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers and teachers for that matter and wouldn't even dream of becoming a social worker.

Social work is not a lucrative careers to say the least. The working conditions are not the best as you will always find yourself in the most unimaginable places and in the most uncompromising situations, but the rewards are more satisfying than the highest paying job that you can ever think of, as seeing another fellow human being pick up their lives from where they had fallen off is one of the most inspiring and self fulfilling sense of gratification that one can feel, and as true to the word, social work is definitely a labor of love.

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