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Sunday, 16 February 2014

World Hunger: A weapon for Global Control

Hunger has been and unfortunately still remains a colossal problem up to this day; and even up to now, developed nations in the West are still trying to come up with a feasible solution to alleviate if not to totally eradicate hunger in a global scale. The problem lies to a point where finding the cause of hunger and why is it so widespread despite the leaps and bounds of social progress made by mankind in the fields of technological advancements in science. Furthermore, how to assess and maintain a straight-forward policy regarding the countries that are affected by such dilemmas is up to this day a huge point of debate amongst many developed countries but in a simple light of thought is actually a simple problem requiring a simple solution.

Why is hunger a global problem when it is only prevalent in most third world countries? Why should we think its a global problem when we know that it does not affect the entirety of the global population specifically the Western hemisphere? A conscious thought is amidst the richer nations that they should take part in a diverse need of action to help these countries. These initiative has been going on for more than 40 years but still no positive results pending. Long have passed the numerous attempts of social intervention in the part of the rich nations of the West whether that be of philanthropic or social awareness implemented programs and yet to no tangible results, hunger still prevails.

By now most of us will start to wonder if there was really a genuine form of social responsibility on the part of these developed countries or did individual governmental policies change by the passing of time? You may even wonder if there was a reason for this prolonged condition to exist up to this modern day and age. Some might think that an issue such as world hunger is a thing of the past and it has died down to a whimper having no relevance whatsoever in this day and age. But to others who think critically otherwise, respond with a cynical point of view.

To others the issue of world hunger suggests a simple is a controlled condition! It may seem a bit far-fetched but to look upon the reality of things one can not disregard such vague possibilities! Hunger whether how we try to put it in a more humane manner is a way of controlling certain demographic segments in our human society for an unknown purpose only known to those principalities that assimilate such matters of socially-controlled or much worst, socially-induced to control a segment of human society.

This is a frightening thought to think about. Hunger as a weapon was used all throughout the history of mankind to control and to manipulate an aspect of a large portion of humanity and to subjugate it by this method. That is why the World is divided within itself. Who profits from such enterprise? Your guess might be as good as mine, but needless to say it will still go on for as long as the powers that be permit it. Political and social sanctions are an example if not an indirect comparison to such conditions. To feed the hungry is not in any way an objectively critical problem. The problem lies in a true objectivity of ending controlled sanctions of what is the real cause of this prolonged problem!

To know the truth why such conditions permeate is a question of whether we are ready to respond in knowing the genuine truth or the convenient truth but as in reality has always revealed, the truth will not be a pleasant thing to face. Despite eagerness in the part of richer nations to help, we must also consider to be relevantly honest if such things are to be feasibly possible in the near future. No one in this world deserves to go hungry, not even the most wicked amongst us.

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