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Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Rise and Fall of the American Economy: Enter the Dragon

Today, the American economy is facing again the fear of economic recession as it's efforts to regain an economic vigor from the 2008 economic crisis continues to miserably fail, despite all out efforts to strengthen its ailing productivity as a country. The mounting unemployment and health care problems of the country seem to have no clear path to solution as its government continues to forge hope upon its citizens minds that help is on the way. The reason for this is the steady decline of production in all of its domestic and international products that they all relied on China to produce.

80% of all American consumer products (except for food and pharmaceuticals), are now made in China and has led to the rise of China, as the leading manufacturing entity for the whole world. This resulted in China, having gained the technological knowledge of producing goods at a very low cost, which has boosted its economy ten folds. The rising cost of production in the United States and other European countries has put China, as the top manufacturing center of the world economy. Domestic unemployment has doubled despite assurance from the U.S. Government, that it will improve its socioeconomic standings, but to no avail.

Obviously, the governments (U.S.) effort in assuring its people of financial stability is less felt as the growing number as dissatisfied citizens continue to complain about the continuing deteriorating socioeconomic state. China on the other hand, is steadily growing as a military and financial monster that would someday inevitably gobble up the entire world. This could be traced way back in the late 1980's, as China started to manufacture goods for other countries who can not maintain the rising production costs that has given China the advantage in regards to cheap quality mass production and high output volume at a very low price cost.

The Chinese work ethics could also be an integral reason for China's economic growth as production is more important than numeral profits, so as long as production continues at a steady phase. Very different from other cultural outlooks regarding production and profit scenarios that has led to the downfall of most world economies. The accumulation of Chinese technology can be cited from the failure of other nations to maintain a steady profit in its production, urging companies to move from their local production into China, thus giving the needed technological aspects of mass production to the able hands of the Chinese people. As the years went by, China developed upon these foreign technologies until they had perfected their own system to which they employ today.

As the rest of the world now, relies on China to produce almost all of its domestic goods from textiles to electronics, we can expect that China will eventually rule the world...economically, and who ever rules the world economically will eventually...rule the world! Despite all of the modern armaments ant technological advancement in military might, the United States can not deal with the fact, that China can debilitate the American economy with just one snap, unless the Americans want to say goodbye to their iPhones? China has a strangle hold on the world economy which is very evident on our status quo as a world economy, and will continue to be so for a very long, long, long, long, long....time. Since the American government has failed its people quite miserably in all aspects of economic upheavals, despite false promises of hope.

The American economy is slowly dying and it is an irreversible deteriorating state. It can also be seen clearly as an exodus of conglomerates slowly pull out of the American economy and establish their headquarters in China as seen with companies like Facebook, who are now partially operating in China. Promises are sweet but the truth is a bitter fact as numbers don't lie. Its only a matter of time and I can surely say that the time is nearing as America is slowly spinning down and only just a matter of time until it stops.

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