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Friday, 11 October 2013

Golan's Media of Cebu: The Continuing Saga of the Whoring of the Filipino Writer

As I wrote before regarding the continuing plight of the famished and underpaid Filipino writer, that is also being victimized by his own country men in obligatory writing for other foreign principles, I can not help but utter out these refined sentiments that I'm sure everybody will agree on, "the Filipino will rat you out just for the sake of earning from your own misery" (kaya ibenta ng Pilipino ang kapwa nya para lang kumita). This is quite true all over the world were most Filipinos work here and abroad.

The term objectively implied here is "social cannibalism" in where people disregard any social adherence such as sympathy or apathy just to be first in line when their foreign masters call them for a doggy snack! This proves a resounding confirmation that we as a Filipino society are slaves to the social turmoil that has led the once reputable  and honorable occupation of writing look like and over aged prostitute still plying the sex trade route just to feed the hungry soul and at least a little compensatory respect that a writer deserves.

Such manner of taking advantage of the misery festooned upon the writer's need to earn is a company in Cebu City, Philippines Called Golan's Media. On the first week of my stint as an article writer, I was paid a measly $29.00 for a total for a whole weeks work! When the second week of my work has ended, I noticed that there was no notification about funds to be forwarded to my account. This is one of the signs that something is not right.

As expected, a certain Mark from Golan's Media of Cebu, was starting to complain about the quality of the work that I had previously submitted, that it had a lot of errors, that I needed to revise and edit it all..."Screw you Mark!"
This are just some of the simple lame reasons why on line writing sucks and it is because of Filipinos that take advantage over other deprived writers who would like to earn just to make ends meet.

Social slavery can do this to all of us depending on who is on top of the slave pyramid. They will give every reason to steal your efforts or even get them for free from you without a thank you in return. These are just some of the evil truths of Internet writing jobs that the Filipino writer has to face on a daily basis. Do you think that foreign employers care about this? Absolutely not!

It's a dog eat dog world out there, which just goes to prove how vicious the world can be for people who were raised on the principles of honor and trustworthiness. Money is not the issue here, it is trust and the trust on your own countrymen. An honest advice to all writers who had the unfortunate experience such as these, publish the works that you have been deprived of as your own because you were the one who labored for it!

Don't let other people earn from your endeavors only to make them earn from yours!

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