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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Death by G.M.O.

The stupidity of human intellect never seems to amaze me enough that it now has reached in new heights of absurdity as it celebrates its impertinent manipulation of the natural course of nature. GMO or genetically modified organisms had been created by scientists to fight nature itself in an attempt to over ride the natural selection of nature on who will live and who will die. GMO's boast the impervious aspect of being modified in every way possible to survive the harshest aspect of natures fury which includes super crops that can survive with as little water and natural substantial organic nutrition as possible and at the same time would not be eaten by natural parasites that usually pester food crops.

Sounds good right? So, why am I so pissed off regarding the global acceptance of GMO's? Because it is stupid and it is wrong! Conglomerates and research scientists work hand in hand to find a solution to world hunger and had gone to venturing in the research production of “super crops”, which is a noble cause of idealism at first glance, but in the truth, it is a sign of the coming days on which the earth is starting to turn against us for all the stupid ideologies that we had done to keep our species alive.

GMO is a growing threat in all aspects of human existence as research scientists backed by multi-national conglomerates in cooperation with governments around the world, prepare for the worst, the dwindling food supply that was triggered by climate change due to our arduous attempt to improve the life around us mainly propagated by our egotistical ideologies. Nature is the perfect balance of things around us and manipulating things concerning nature seems to be the only step in an attempt to ensure our survival as a specie.

What is wrong with GMO's you might ask? GMO's are modified to withstand the harshest aspects that may render conventional species of plant life vulnerable to natural changes in the environment, particularly climate change, parasitic insects that prey on these crops that we so desperately need to survive as a food source. GMO's were specifically energetically modified to withstand the natural course of nature so that it will be more viable for food production as the world steadily moves to the aspect of a dwindling supply of food sources caused by the rising global population.

Parasitic insects will not devour GMO modified crops because a gene on the modified crop was either manipulated or completely removed as to not be detected by the insects, that is why insects don't eat GMO's. So, what's the problem then? Research scientists and corporations don't really care about humanity but their own interests only as multi national conglomerates try to capture the food production industry to enslave humanity in its own need for food. The truth is that only insects and certain species of animals in this world know what is edible enough to eat, that goes to prove that insects that do not devour GMO modified crops know if it is fit enough to eat.

Incidentally, frogs are an important part of ecology as well as they can distinguish where heavily polluted air is and they will avoid propagating in that particular area. Frogs breath through their skin and it is best to monitor the frog population in the world as they are and indication in the rising toxicity in the air we breath. Our egoistic pursuit to escape our evident fear of dearth has even made thing much worst for us as a specie due to the fact that we have limitations in all aspects of what we can do. Our ego as a society won't save us for much possible worst things to come if we keep on fighting the divine purpose of what nature intended us to be. Incidentally G.M.O. Also stands for your Genitals will Melt Overnight!

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