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Monday, 8 January 2018

A Chained Circle: Compulsory Or Choice?

Regardless of whatever reassuring indication that we are given by our present social standing in relation to the improvements that are changing the way we live on a day to day basis, we still seem to feel an inadequacy accompanied by a foregoing lack of real assurance that all is indeed well. For the affluent, life seems to be running to their favor in regards to the complacency and convenience that it gives to them, into which they bask within its confines. How often do we see these people, going about the way that they perceive life, defiant of any possibility that everything that humanity has worked so hard to maintain this idealistic fervor may one day crumble in disarray. For most of us that live well below the austerity of such a privileged life, we have no choice of such matters, as we are all forced to follow the flow of what this society dictates as it's acceptable norms.

Scarcity or the lack of adequate social provisions tends to force most people that were not fortunate to posses the proper skills that would enable them to cope up with the mandatory requirements of this society to seek out other means of coping with this seemingly oppressive means of social survival. Given the fact that most world governments provide free educational support to all of their citizens to enable them to acquire the basic educational and vocational skills that would enable them to fend for themselves when the necessity arises. All through out the development of our modern society, we were spoon fed the belief that education and acquiring the skills that would see through it that we find our proper place in the system that we serve our sole purpose, would indeed give us that assurance that we will never have to worry about anything, just as long we conform to that systematical social belief.
Unfortunately, this is not the case for most people who seem to have done everything which was required of them in regards to fully complying with every aspect of their educational attainment. As far as what we are experiencing today, more people are now falling off that orthodox belief and pursuing other means of livelihood, contrary to what they learned from their education. The world's economy had always been the sole motivator on how we should struggle to find means to adapt to it's ever changing demands in view of the educational skills that we need to develop, the availability of finding the proper applicable skills to earn our financial needs and its sustainability. This is not so much as a problem to developed countries that have the adequate need for these given aspects in their economy, but in the case of third world countries, finding means of financially surviving on a daily basis is more of a daunting task.

That is why crime is so rampant in the third world as scarcity on the different aspects of their economy force people to do away with honesty and integrity. Poverty is the root cause of all crimes and giving people the proper education that they need to give them the capable skills to land them a decent job that won't make them become like bandits, armed with crossbows and stealing from the rich, just to sustain themselves with a decent meal. And because of this, their educational system continues to disintegrate in contrast to the worlds growing demands for skilled workers. Most third world countries have now been reduced as a source of human labor, all around the world, since basic technical skills are just simple methodological instructions that most skilled workers will have no problem of understanding. This relatively changes a big way on how a country's educational system would work for it's people in regards to overhauling their entire learning system. The dictates of  world economy had drastically reduced the thinking potential of these countries and have forced them to reestablish the way on what kind of education their children will benefit from.
Today, most third world countries are now exporting their man power to serve developed countries as skilled laborers on various aspects of their economy. And since most of these countries rely on the continuing influx of foreign currency to enable them to prevail along with being able to sustain their financial stability, the need to give the right kind of educational skills to enable them to adapt to the growing demands in regards to world labor. Providing education is not adequate enough as we would need to give them a reason for the need to acquire the skills in understanding the importance of having a fairly competent educational system in the first place. Giving them a fairly good reason to have a good educational skill, whether that be labor intensive or otherwise, will give them the right knowledge which will enable them to find the proper employment that will provide them the comforting reassurance that will earn for them and at the same time earn their self respect.

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