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Friday, 11 September 2015

All About Body Fats

“Why We Have Body Fats”
The human anatomy is a very interesting topic to talk about with regards to the true function of cellulose fat tissues. Body fats are also called lipids, its actual function is related to thermal control of the entire body thus regulating the dispersal of accumulated body heat and at the same time insulating our body from heat and cold. Lipids are benign in nature, which means they are neither harmful in the sense of metabolic physiology in regards to body function. Fats do not incorporate any nerve stimuli but they are interconnected to some degree of blood vessels (small capillary veins), that sustain the regulation of temperature in the entire body.

“Truths About Body Fats”

At the start of human life within the conception of the womb, the embryo at its early stages already has an ample amount of soft tissue lipids surrounding its anatomical entirety. Muscle tissues develop within these fat tissues to ensure a protective layer that acts as a thermal blanket for the fetus. This is needed for reasons that the internal temperature of the womb can reach as much as 40 to 45 degrees Celsius or roughly about 97 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. This is quite high but essential for the proper growth of the fetus, therefore the fat tissues surrounding it protect it from the extreme temperate climate within the womb.

However, the umbilical cord that is connected to the fetus regulates the blood flow that delivers an adequate supply of cool fluids including the blood that balances the heat from over cooking it. This is a first hand look of how nature miraculously balances the evolution of life! Simply put that fat is an essential part of human development during the early stages of conception. During the time of birth and the first years of a baby's life, body fat is predominant during infancy to protect the infant from environmental temperature, added to that, it also makes babies look so cuddly and cute!

“Myths about Body Fat”

Fat can not be removed surgically and assumed that it will stay at a dormant state regardless of any method of removal! Liposuction is a useless method if you think that it will make your body fats stay away forever. The truth is, fat or lipids are genetically and metabolically developed for purposes beyond human control and that is to protect you from any sudden temperature change externally or internally induced. It also protects you from sudden traumatic incidents of shock. At the early stages of a human beings life, we develop a natural metabolic tendency to eat as to make fat develop for our own needs of storing heat and body energy.

“The Scary Facts About Body Fats”

The human body can produce an electrical charge amounting to roughly 9 volts! This is the average voltage capacity of a dry cell battery. Most of this charge is stored in our fat tissues just underlying the skin, this charge is partly utilized by the brain and the rest is stored for energy to be used when needed. This is possible because of the chemical constitution that body fat possesses which acts similar to that of battery acid but in a subtle way. The underlying synergy of organic chemical fluids and temperature fluctuations within the environment and body itself causes fat to act as “solar panels” thus the occurring electrical charge in our body.

It is clinically proven that people with ample to above average body fat are more tolerant to extreme climactic conditions thus being able to survive more tolerably in hot climates and extreme cold weather. Compared to those who have below average body fat density, people with more body fat are more enduring. But it does come with extreme caution in regards to the more common problems that body fat can inflict more harm than good.

High blood and cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart ailments just to name a few accompanied by too much body fat. While too little body fat can also do harm as well. A comparative scenario that was documented during the early part of the 1970's involving American farmers and former Vietnam veterans. A high case of different forms of cancer were observed within the two said demographical categories, pertaining to blood toxicity levels that were induced to their bodies.

The key denominator was chemical toxicity due to the fact of extreme prolonged exposure to pesticides and herbicides. DDT were predominantly used during those times including the Vietnam war campaign where by the United States Armed Forces used weed killing agents fondly called “Agent Orange” or “Orange Crush”. After a few years after the Vietnam war, aging veterans suddenly fell ill and were discovered to have been inflicted by different kinds of cancer! Clinical tests concluded that both American farmers and Vietnam war veterans had toxic agents resulting from prolonged exposure from these chemicals that were embedded within their fat cells under the skin.

These toxic compounds were eventually released into their blood stream when the fat tissues were slowly thinned down because of the aging process thus inflicting cancerous growth and eventually succumbing to death! Thus it could be said that body fat also gives essential protection against toxic chemicals such as these.

“The Natural Way to Loose Fat”
There is however a more convenient and natural way to shed off these stubborn fat growth. One is dieting and the other is using Natural Organic Health Supplements, both go hand in hand in order to effectively work properly. GARCINIA CAMBOGIA 1300 HCA (HYDROXYCITRICACID), GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT HCA (HYDROXYCITRIC ACID), CHLORELLAEXTRACT, GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT and RASPBERRY KETONE DROPS. All of these mentioned are all naturally derived ingredients from nature itself. Providing the body with ample amount of nutrition by way of natural body metabolism. It also has a natural detoxification action against free radicals and heavy metals, natural rejuvenation of cellular growth and a natural appetite suppressant to reduce eating too much which causes eventual overgrowth of fat tissues in the body

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