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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Loneliness: A Human Social Tragedy

Some people may find solitude a comforting state to spend their entire life, avoiding the unnecessary inconveniences that mingling with other individuals in a daily basis can be considered a nuisance. There are people who prefer to be alone and don't want to be involved in social practices that can be considered irrelevant in life, mostly living an introverted point of view that satisfies their self esteem, but all the more so, improves their capacity to think more clearly that leads to better decision making. Introverts are people who mainly live a solitary world of identifying themselves with the blissful existence of living inside their own state of mind, detached from the chaotic chasms of life's somewhat and often times, absurd profanities.

Introverts are mostly individuals that have come into terms with the reality of life and the truthfulness of social awareness and implicated adherence to social order. Going about one's daily tasks without the cumbersome intangible idiocy of some people that can be considered a liability in one's pursuit of a peaceful and stress free daily existence is more than what people with this kind of mental aptitude prefer. Mostly creative logical thinkers, introverts seldom "come out and play" despite being sociably coherent among their circle of acquaintances, work wise. They are the kind of individuals who find pleasure in being alone and prefer to be that way, spending most of their time dwelling on work.

Though stereo typically being designated as "geeks", not all aspect of introversion can be addressed as such, most of the time. Regardless of such social branding, introverts are one of the most socially active people in the world, involving themselves in social media. Not to be given the wrong aspect of social description, introverts are more comfortable in dealing with society at a distance, not getting themselves attached to any aspect of ideologies or interests besides their own. Loneliness is a comfort zone to some but for others, it is a torment that can lead to mental anguish in the sense of borderline insanity.

The human specie is a social organism that tends to exist with the need for longing and attention. It is a fact that has existed since our conception in this world. The need to be with someone seems to be the most insatiable instinctive drive on our psychological aspects as human beings that we give it more importance than all other social values. The natural comforting need to mingle among others is a natural instinct directly attributed to social propagation. The human need to eventually interact and divulge in society can not be disregarded as it is built in our genes. Despite all other social deviations founded on norms and morality, ideologies and social conditioning, we, as humans need other humans to satisfy our needs and urges, among ourselves.

The human touch is a very fascinating principle that involves the basic need to reach out and make physical contact to an individual. Regardless of any gender, age or diversified social inclinations, we long to be touched, in more ways than one. A good example would that be between a man and a woman, that involve the basic principle of touch. Despite any social implications of norms and practices, touching indicates longing or wanting as it is a motivational body language that yearns desire. A woman who gently puts her hand behind a man's back and gives it a gentle stroke is a clear sign of desire, despite age and social standings. It is viewed more as a sign of sexual want and is a natural instinct for both sexes.

Another aspect of social perspective in the light of this is the fear of solitude. Most people struggle for most of their lives try to fit into society and the need to gain respect from others. Delving into social acceptance for most of their lives, these individuals are the extroverts. Living a mostly hedonistic way of life that involve in the pursue of worldly pleasures. A good example of this would be that of former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman, who adheres to this kind of lifestyle. Oftentimes associated with opulence, hedonists are the real party animals.

The stark comparison can be considerably incremental to put conclusion between introverts and extroverts, as to put a generalization between the two. Leaving us to think for ourselves on who truly is the most lonely one considering all of these rational evaluations. Loneliness is one of the most frustrating states of human mentality one could deal with. It is often times a factor that leads to depression that can imbalance the brain, leading to mental deterioration. The need to want and the want to need go together, completing the human psyche as loneliness is a psychological disorder.

This reminds me of that old song from the group America, entitled, "Lonely People", which goes with the line..."look at all the lonely people...thinking that life has passed them by". A more apt word would that be of contentedness in your human existence. Asking for something that society would not give you for your own satisfaction is indeed a lonely thought even though you have come to a resolute acceptance that you are deemed to stay alone for the remaining of your entire life. It is a sad thought to ponder upon, indeed, Though happiness should never be this complicated from the start. It was us that has put the complications in life.

Friday, 22 August 2014

A Labor of Love: The True Essence of a Social Worker

If there was a corresponding description to the terminology “a labor of love”, that will justly imply to any undertaking in this society, that will be a fitting manner on how to describe a social worker. Social workers are individuals who work for the government that are given the most arduous task of tending to the most obvious problems of what a society is undergoing in terms of poverty and desolation which is more implicative of the problems of the poorest of the poor which are mostly indigents.

Some of the most obvious problems that asocial worker must tackle is related to society's struggle with issues regarding physical and mental illnesses, alcohol and drug addiction. What does it take to become a social worker? Is it a line of work that can be taught in school? The answer is no, as most social workers are not obligated to learn any special skills except that of knowing how society affects the lives of people and a sensitivity to the problems that surround us that influences our decisions of dealing with life's problems.

Social workers tend to be more sensitive in regards to hearing out people's problems as they should be good listeners as well. People who choose to become social workers should be very keen in pointing out the causes of problems as it would help them find a solution to it in the most sensible manner as it should benefit the people that they are helping. To become a social worker, you need to know the most important requirements that will earn you your accreditation as it is a very demanding form of work that can get the best of you on the end of the day.

But despite the obvious difficulties that this line of work would demand from you, it is still one of the most fulfilling occupations that a person could have as you get a chance to help other people with their problems and with helping them overcome certain obstacles in their lives, as to improve the quality and substance of the life that they have, which they have the potential to achieve.

Most social workers are college degree holders who have studied psychology, sociology or other related courses that deals with social and human behavioral sciences. A four year college degree usually is sufficient enough to make you qualify for the job. In the United States, a social worker require to pass an examination in order to avail of a license to practice. In general, all social workers are under the jurisdiction of the local government of the city in which they serve. The primary job description of a social worker is to mitigate in between the government and the individuals who are not capable of coping up with social problems such as poverty. A social worker is usually called upon the request of concerned individuals to look into certain problems which basically concern other people.

Social worker are usually the ones that go to the most indigent in society to evaluate their living conditions, especially is they tend to have children or elderly people among them that do not get the right amount of welfare service that the government provides. They are also concerned with child welfare and act upon what they evaluate to make assessments on how to best deal with certain situations in where people who should look after their children or elderly, fail to comply with the basic requirements that the government has set upon.

There are often times that children are taken away from their parents in which the government looks after the vested interest of the children in the event the parents can no longer support them. In the case of elderly people that are living without any companions with them, social workers are the ones that look after for their own sake and evaluate the best course of action that can be taken so that these elderly people can live the rest of their remaining years in which the government will look after their welfare.

It might seem just like a simple line of work, but there are times that a social worker must in one way or the other, risk their safety in order to comply with their duty in carrying out their duty to ensure the welfare of the people around them. There are times that a social worker must interact and cope with the needs of people with mental disabilities that need medical attention, especially if these people were already abandoned by those who should be taking care of them. There are even times when a social worker has to deal with people who are drug dependents, which may even put a social workers life at risk as people who have a history of substance abuse tend to become violent at certain times.

Social workers often find themselves in the middle of a family conflict in which most of the time they try to sort it out using the best of what they can advise on which proper solution a family must do to resolve their conflicting problems. Despite the hardships that this sort of job can offer, many still go on to become social workers as many of them find a sort of gratification in times of being able to help people overcome their problems. Social workers are some of the most broadminded people that work under pressure from the daily problems that other people face in regards to the lives that they live. For some people, they rather choose to become accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers and teachers for that matter and wouldn't even dream of becoming a social worker.

Social work is not a lucrative careers to say the least. The working conditions are not the best as you will always find yourself in the most unimaginable places and in the most uncompromising situations, but the rewards are more satisfying than the highest paying job that you can ever think of, as seeing another fellow human being pick up their lives from where they had fallen off is one of the most inspiring and self fulfilling sense of gratification that one can feel, and as true to the word, social work is definitely a labor of love.

Money on the Road: The History of Indian Money Lenders in the Philippines

For some Indian nationals, particularly Punjabi's and expatriates which hail from India, the Philippines has become a haven for those who want to find a new start in life as most Punjabi's have resorted in becoming money lenders that provide quick loans to those in need of a fast alternative in acquiring money for their specific needs. Money lending has become a lucrative business among Indian nationals that some of them have even decided to remain in the Philippines on a permanent basis. The Philippines has attracted many foreigners such as the Chinese and the Indians who had been plying their trade ever since the colonial time of the Spanish regime. 

The first wave of Indian nationals that came to the Philippines were called the Sepoy's. They were among the few immigrants that came along with the British expedition during the early 18th century and have chosen to remain permanently to live among the natives of the country. Most of the early Indian settlers had made their home in the Eastern part of the adjacent towns near the outskirts of Manila which was accessible through the Pasig river. The small settlement is now called Cainta, in which many of the localities descendants have Indian ancestry.

All throughout the century, a mass grove of Immigrants from India came over to the Philippine to do trade with the Spanish government and the locals alike, bringing with them their cultural heritage along with their cuisine and their business which was basically, lending out money. Punjabi's tend to earn handsomely through lending out money which is also termed as micro financing. Money lending, the Indian way goes about the principle of charging a 10% percent interest which is calculated on a “5 to 6” ratio, meaning they instantly get high returns on the money that they lend. But, they don't just lend out money to anyone. The 5-6 principle goes about the method of putting on an interest rate that will double the money that they have put out to the borrower as it will be calculated on the terms of every 1 peso will have a profited interest of about 20 centavos.

If the loanable amount of 100 pesos is paid within 1 month, there will be an interest of 20 pesos which is the terms set upon by the Indian money lender. If the Indian money lender has put into his capital 10,000 pesos, he will automatically earn 2,000 pesos on interest alone which is just the cost of money being borrowed! Often times, a borrower will not be able to pay their debt on time, forcing them to pay the interest as their loan's interest keep piling up on them, enabling the lender to earn interest at no extra cost. Debt is indeed a liability that can be profited to a great extent that the money which was used in capitalizing the loan, earns by itself.

The loan is good for a whole month and the lender goes to each person that has borrowed money from him on a daily basis for a whole month. This arrangement is based purely on mutual trust that is recorded on a small notebook which the lender brings with him to record any payments made or any payments missed. The Indian money lender usually goes about the time before noon as to make certain that their borrowers have already earned their mornings sale. There are some occasions that the lender can't be paid by the borrower for certain reasons and in some cases, other borrowers just disappear without a trace, leaving the poor money lender behind without any assurance that he will ever get paid.

The business of lending out money in the Philippines by Indian nationals all started way back in the 1930's when a Punjabi immigrant loaned out 5 pesos to a Filipino, which he eventually got back 6 pesos in return which included interest and it was then that the Indian business of lending out money got the name “5-6”. Indian nationals that go about lending money in the Philippines ply their trade on motorcycles, scouring the busy streets and looking for potential borrowers on a daily basis. They go the busiest market place as they tend to lend money to small business owners that have small shops that are located in heavily populated areas, particularly the market place. 

They usually lend out money to people who are engaged in businesses such as street peddlers or people that do business in the market place or other similar establishments that earn on a daily basis. They also lend out money to store owners which are situated in small communities that operate stores that sell general items. Indian money lenders know that people who operate small businesses of their own are likely to be good payers and do comply with the terms of payments on a daily basis. 

One of the most astounding thing about Indian money lenders is that they do not grow tired of personally going to and fro to collect their money from their borrowers. One Filipino local was heard saying that the Indians are one of the most hard working people that they ever met that they can be compared to the bees who do not grow tired of their work. True to this observation, the Indian expatriates in the Philippines had profited from all of the hard work that they put in establishing themselves as a means of helping people with the service that they provide in regards to lending money for those who are in need.

Regardless of the high interest that they obligate their borrowers, many still borrow money from them because there are no other quick options to turn onto. The Indian money lender is considered as one of the most trusting of all small loan providers as they only live upon the basis of mutual trust in exchange for the money that they lend people. The most smallest amount of money that a lender can give a borrower starts at 500 pesos. All that an Indian lender has to keep an accounted record of the loan that a borrower has taken is written on a small notebook which acts as the lenders ledger. Indian money lenders are very good when it comes to accounting the money that the had provided their borrower as they keep tabs on all of their transaction into this small notebook which the borrower signs on every time they make a payment.

Lenddo On-Line Scam

This guy blogged this article stating his disgust with Lenddo and I'm just pissed off as well as Lenddo exploits peoples dire need for money and uses our social networking connection for their (Lenddo) own benefit in where they use people's social networking connection to improve their own SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Here is Lendo Suck's blog dated November 1, 2012 as it goes that could be found at

I was introduced to Lenddo mid-2012 and I liked the idea of a social network dealing with financial matters. From the introduction – and testimonials – it looks like that you can get a loan just by being a member and connecting your lenddo account to your social network. Sound like  a great idea. Right?
Nope. Don’t be fooled. I joined it and connected my social networks. I reached up to 460 points after doing all their recommended activities. As per their website, that should be enough to secure a loan. Now after several months of being a quiet member, I suddenly need cash and of course Lenddo seems like a viable option. So I filled up the credit application form and applied for a loan.

Processing is fast. It took just a day and guess what I got- Loan Denied!
Why – you may ask? They say because my Lenddo point is too low. So I checked my account and indeed suddenly my point was lowered to 399 – below the 400 that is required to get a loan. The curious thing is why it suddenly dropped from 460 to 399 – same day that I applied for a loan!

I made the sensible thing to do and tried to deactivate my account. But guess again, I cannot remove the authorization I gave for my social network access. Their support team told me that they are the only one who remove the authorization access.
Up to now I still don’t know if the access was removed.
So people beware – don’t waste your time with Lenddo.

There is no “real” thing called on-line loans, tulad ng Lenddo. Alam nyo ba kung sino talaga ang kumikita? Ang lenddo at iba pang mga on-line companies na nagpapautang “kuno” ay talagang nagiipon lang ng mga connections para mag build up ng SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at sila ay kumikita sa pamamagitan ng pag benta ng mga “backlinks” sa ibang mga gustong mag pataas ng kanilang SEO rankings. Paano ko nalaman? Eh, ito ay trabaho ko! Propaganda lang ang mga ng popost na pinautang sila at maganda daw kuno ang serbisyo ng Lenddo...Bulas! Ang minimum qualification sa credit points nila ay 300 points. Kahit na umabot ka pa ng 500 eh kindi ka makakautang dahil nakuha na nila ang nais nila, at iyon and mga contacts nyo sa social networks na ginagawa nilang links para tumaas ang SEO rank and score nila, plain and simple. Parang Royale Business din ito...Raket! 
Kung uutang man kayo, eh sa tao na lang. At least pag tao pera lang at interest ang kapalit.

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding: A New Form of Social Exploitation


As a newly used term, Crowdsourcing is a social practice which involves seeking out a general category of services, content and ideas which involves soliciting various forms of contributions that does not regularly involve money in certain aspects, from a large number of people which evolve within an on-line community. This new form of obtaining anything from funds, information, ideas and even skilled services is a method of dividing a substantial amount of work that is broken down to smaller jobs that is focused on achieving the primary factor of attaining a specific goal. The working dynamics of Crowdsourcing involves part-time workers, whether they be paid or not, in which they are given specific jobs to which they are capable to accomplish in regards to their skills.

Another segment that evolved from this principle was “Outsourcing” in which organizations such as private individuals and companies seek the employment of workers in a global scale, with appropriate skills. This enables companies and employers to find people to work for them whom they know have the capabilities of getting the job done for a far more lower rate of pay than employing workers with the same set of skills which require a higher standard of pay.

This favors companies that run businesses as they can choose from among job candidates who are more adept with the skills needed by a company in achieving their goals. The word “Crowdsourcing” was first used way back in 2006, as it implied to finding specific solutions to specific problems that were currently being tackled by many people who are regular members of on-line communities. A certain problem was usually put out in the form of forums that will be discussed on a regular basis until such till such time that there will be someone who will bring up a plausible solution to the problem. Often times, problems that involve many aspects of social networking communities such as technology or simple everyday problems would be brought up, and solutions will be discussed. Rating answers to the problems that were posed and the most rational and effective answers were usually given credit in solving the problem.

Companies and individuals who started Crowdsourcing sites were very aware of the potential of social networking communities in regards to finding answers to questions as there is an abundance of people all over the world who were more that willing to contribute freely to the Internet community. Crowdsourcing companies found answers and subsequently found the right people who knew what they were talking about that they decided to capitalize of the power of information from people all over the world. This was the start of the Outsourcing movement that has used the Internet as a medium of employing people who had the right skills to accomplish most tasks that were a problem to most people.

Outsourcing began to change the way on-line employment was evolving as more and more employers have started to look for other sources of manpower at a more affordable rate of pay. Most jobs that are outsourced through the Internet are that of accountants, writers, graphic designers, virtual assistants, inbound and outbound information specialists, audio transcriptionists, video editors and on-line English teachers.

On-line job networks are one of the proponents of outsourcing labor from all parts of the world. One particular on-line job network like O-Desk, goes by a method of that similar to a bartering system in which makes on-line job seekers “fight” each other in terms of offering the most lowest acceptable rate of payment for the job offers presented by employers. Although it seems like a very degrading way of trying to win the favor of potential employers, it is no doubt a very effective way in getting a highly skilled individual to work for an employer on the most ridiculous rate that is almost comparable to nothing! Most companies that outsource their manpower through the Internet employ workers from South Africa, South East Asia, India and Pakistan and most third world countries that are below the minimum international standards of living.

Crowd Funding:

Crowdfunding is a method of securing needed funds for your specific use for your projects,ergo, putting a proposal forward and presenting them to a group of people or private organizations that might be interested in the concept of your project. The goal of Crowdfunding is to acquire financial assistance through donations, however, there is a present dilemma for Crowdfunding in the United States as there are now proposals coming from the Securities and Exchange Commission to regulate the entire process of Crowdfunding. Advocates of Crowdfunding insist that the process of Crowdfunding could be used for fraudulent interests and that it should be tightly monitored as not to used for malicious intent. However, according to those who support Crowdfunding, it was just a simple way on how the United States government was bend on getting it's hands on the money that was available that was floating around the Internet that they had no way of regulating.

One of the best known Crowdsourcing websites is Kickstarter, which was one of the first websites that advocated fund raising for creative projects. During the course of it's existence, it was able to raise well over $100 million dollars. Kickstarter however was very specific in terms of it's policy regarding their regulations such as it's requirements were that in order to acquire the money you needed, you have to make sure that you reach the required amount that you have stated as falling short will mean that you will not be able to avail any amount that was contributed to your proposed project. Other source of Crowdfunding come in the form of organizationally sponsored contests which are often based on conceptualized ideas and to see who will be able to put those concepts on a practical working scale.

There had been issues that are implicated in Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding in regards to who really gets the most advantage in this type of social adherence. There also seems to be an exploitive side to it as information gathering is involved which makes use of people as data bases which does not cost anything in regards to information retrieval. The power of information can work either for society's advantage or it can even be used against society as a matter of influencing public opinion.

The Aftermath of a Divorce

Nothing is more compellingly hard to accept than that of an ending to a seemingly blissful union between two people that have sworn to be together for the rest of their lives as they decide to go on their separate ways. It is somewhat of a surreal mix of emotions of anxiety and anticipated longing to be free from each others covenant bow and at the same time be mindful of their obligations for what they will be leaving behind from their former married life. Sometimes it is much more easier for two individuals to just simply overlook such individual short comings just simply for the sake of genuinely loving each other.

Though love should be accepting each others imperfections in all aspects of the word marriage, there are those who fall short from the actual idealism's of the married life. This usually happens further down the road when your ideals slowly turn in to a reason to be stressful in a daily basis. Most relationships are somewhat like a love story conceived to convince you that a relationship is worth a trip down the aisle specially when you see that person as an ideal mate for life that will satisfy all aspects of your self esteem.

The most hardest part in the process of divorce is getting back your life, though this is not simply true. The truth is that in reality you have lost part of your lifetime in a failed marriage. This brings a multitude of issues specially when trying to keep your head up with a smile as you pick up the pieces of your former life. Most people would deal with this head on by trying to enjoy their newly recovered humanity and divulge themselves with the aesthetics of life and the newly found vibrancy that life has to offer.

Yes, there would be times that they will fall on a melancholic moment as it can not be avoided even feeling sorry for themselves sometimes questioning themselves if it was their fault on who's to blame. It does take them sometime to recover from this dreary phase but they do come out well in the end and live normal lives in the end. Giving yourself a reason to enjoy life after a chaotic fall from marriage seems to be a reasonable way of coping if not recover your self esteem back to life. Indulging in social matters and activities can improve a persons outlook on life.

People would like to feel good about themselves after such bouts with divorce, mostly finding ways to improve themselves aesthetically and emotionally. Looking and feeling good about yourself outside can help in the healing process and improve overall social perception from other people who have known what you have gone through. Seeing a big improvement in regards to personal image after a divorce means that you fought a hard fight and emerged defiant and victorious, which will earn you their utter respect.

Any means of improving yourself is not just a way to recover from a bad marriage but also a defiant way to show an estranged spouse that you did not fall to any detrimental misgivings that would make you look like a social outcast lurking in the shadows of disparity. Many people have gone through these trying times and have come out with regret but in the same time wiser in regards to marriage. Moving on is the first hardest step to take and I'm sure that these people had found their individual happiness upon parting ways and have said their goodbyes tearfully as they finally walked away from each other...forever.


Natural Food Supplements

It has come to past that the emergence of Natural Organic Health Supplements is gaining wide public acceptance due to the fact that it has a more potent efficacy, more natural metabolic physiological effects on the body that can not be stipulated by artificial chemical compounds and no side effects. The truth is that chemically based synthesized products have faster pharmaceutical effects of stimulating the right hormones to produce enzymes that trigger the body to utilize it for healing itself.    
                                                                                                  That is the truth of how pharmaceutical and other orally induced products including food affects the total performance of the whole human body through release of hormonal enzymes that trigger the metabolism of organs to produce the desired effect. Another truth is the dark side of it, as these chemicals that are chemically produced can evidently damage your vital systemic organs!

                                                                                                 Do you honestly think that doctors and health professionals recommend (mostly all of the time) taking medicines "after" each meal, or on a full stomach to enhance efficacy and potency and I'm just talking about medicinal pharmaceutical products such as antibiotics and likely medicines related to that classification. The reason why they recommend this that By manufacturing nature they are "chemicals" that try to simulate natural compounds to stimulate hormones that releases enzymes that the body needs for any purported healing process.

They recommend this because food neutralizes gastric acid so that the chemical compound of the medicine that you have ingested would not be destroyed before releasing its potency and efficacy. Further more an adverse reaction occurs when these chemicals come in contact with the gastric juices of the stomach. Empty stomach intake of medicinal drugs cause gastric ulcers damage the linings of the stomach due to thinning of the stomach walls.

This is a big problem for hyper acidic individuals who frequently take medicines. Prolonged intake causes this in a  damaging nature. In the long run this does more harm than good and has been a issue since its conception. Now in a more optimistic side of this issue, Natural Organic Health Supplements offer no such harmful effect compared to its chemical counter part and is naturally accepted by the body.